Computer Labs

ACU's public access computer labs are supported by IT Client Service. This may include facilities management of Library and Business and Informatics labs where they are managed by IT Client Service.

The location, type and number of computers in each computer lab is shown on the equipment in room pages.

Client Support services will endeavour to ensure that all machines (lab capacity minus one) are fully functional, properly configured, free of viruses and loaded with the standard software set, plus any additional software provided by faculties to support the university's teaching and research.

The University's "Computer and Internet Acceptable Use Policy" guide how University staff and students may access and use the Internet.

Faculties/Functional Units are responsible for Licensing and associated costs for software beyond the standard suite and testing installed software well in advance of lectures, to ensure that it is performing to expectations. Ad hoc “emergency” software configuration is not always possible when many computers are involved.

Where non-standard software is required, the campus co-ordinator may request that the lecturer install and test the software on a lab ghost machine.

Many services provided by ITSS are relied upon by the curriculum. It is important that these services are of high quality and robust, and that they do not change at unpredictable times. Accordingly, we aim to hold services used significantly for teaching in unchanged form during the teaching year.

If serious unforeseeable problems affecting users' ability to work do come to light, ITSS will make all reasonable efforts to install fixes as quickly as possible.

To enable workload management in the labs, Lecturers are expected to request loading of new software/versions at least by the end of the preceding semester. New versions of existing software will not be loaded without consultation with all stakeholders. Careful consideration is given to the length of time for which old versions of products need to be retained, and notice of planned removals is given in advance. Any agreed changes are normally in place in time for staff to test their teaching materials. Major changes will normally occur during the summer break.

Printing services for computer labs are provided by Monitor .

For extra Software and amount of computers supplied in University computer labs by Client Support Services please click the appropriate campus below:

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