Staff questions

What is Echo360?

Echo360 is a presentation capturing device enabling staff to record and play back presentations and tutorials on a variety of platforms such as Windows and Macintosh as well as devices such as iPods and iPhones. There are no setup requirements needed by the presenter other than switching on the microphone so that your voice can be recorded.

Which rooms have the Echo360 recording facility?

Campus Rooms Capacity
Ballarat Connors Hall -
Sisters of Mercy Lecture Theatre -
Room 202 -
Room 609 -
Brisbane I Block, IB.04 -
I Block, IB.12 -
I Block, IB.15 -
McAuley NA.06 -
McAuley NA.07 -
McAuley YA01 -
McAuley YA22a -
TA22a -
TA22b -
YA.02 -
Strathfield Clancy Building, Exam Hall -
Gleeson Auditorium -
Murray Hall -
Rice Theatre -
Canberra Signadou Building, S1 (PC Capture) 30
Signadou Building, S2 (PC Capture) 30
Signadou Building, S3 (SafeCaptureHD) 90
Blackfriars Building, B5 (PC Capture) 30
Blackfriars Building, B6 (SafeCaptureHD) 100
Blackfriars Building, B7 (PC Capture) 30
Blackfriars Building, B8 (SafeCaptureHD) 50
Blackfriars Building, B9 (PC Capture) 25
Blackfriars Building, B10 (SafeCaptureHD) 150
Blackfriars Building, B11 (PC Capture) 50
Blackfriars Building, B21 (PC Capture) 30
Blackfriars Building, B22 (PC Capture) 30
Blackfriars Building, B23 (PC Capture) 15
Melbourne Young St, 2.80a -
Young St, Christ Lecture Theatre -
Young St, Mercy Lecture Theatre -
Cathedral Hall -
GLA 1.40 -
Phillipa Brazill Lecture Theatre -
Phillipa Brazill Lecture Theatre 7.02 -
Knox Lecture Theatre -
Melbourne Orthopics Lab 358a -
MBGN-10 -
MBGN-12 -
2.50, 115 Victoria Parade -
North Sydney Ryan Auditorium -
North Sydney, 25 Berry Street, B1 -
North Sydney, 25 Berry Street, B2 -
C2.9 Lecture Theatre -
North Sydney - C1.01 -
Mackillop PG.01 -
Mackillop PG.02 -
C3-02 -
North Sydney - CH1.03 -

Do I need any special software on my computer?

Make sure that you have the Adobe Flash Player on your computer. It can be downloaded from

Do I need any special training or skills to use Echo360?

No special training is needed to record your lecture. All you need to do is make sure that the microphone is switched on.

How do I book this service?

There are two ways to book this service:

Online Booking Form

Use the online booking form

By phone

  1. Ring or e-mail the Service Desk and ask for the Form
  2. Fill in all the information
  3. Return the completed form to the Service Desk

Will students continue to attend lectures in person?

While there are many advantages of your presentation being recorded, it does not give the students the same experience as if they were present in your class. The advantages of a live classroom experience are:

  • Interaction with other students
  • Ability to ask questions of the Lecturer
  • Recording is an option for only some content (video shown in class may not be able to be recorded for copyright reasons)
  • Ensures that students have the materials needed for an upcoming lecture or excursion
  • Immediate access to the information, rather than waiting for the lecture to be uploaded

What about my intellectual property?

You have the right to control your recordings and have the right to restrict the recording and distribution of that material. Please advise students that the recordings are for private study or research. The university cannot control subsequent distribution of material.

If I need support who can I contact?

Please contact the Service Desk on extension 7272 or and they will pass on your request. You should have a reply within 24 hours on weekdays and within 48 hours on weekends

How do I record my lecture presentation?

  • Fill in the online booking form at
  • You will receive an email verifying your booking
  • When you attend your lecture simply turn on the microphone and use the computer as you would normally
  • Your lecture is then recorded and the links to the recording sent to you via email usually within 24 hours

What is recorded?

  • Voice from a microphone
  • Presentations shown from the computer including PowerPoint slides and sound clips
  • Video presentations (video from YouTube etc can be recorded but at a lower frame rate so it may appear jittery.)

How do I edit my presentation?

For a more professional look to your presentations, you can edit recordings. See Editing Recordings Guide (PDF, 810KB)

Can I add material to a presentation after a lecture?

This ability is currently unavailable.

What browsers are supported?

  • Internet Explorer 6 and above
  • Firefox version 3 and above
  • Safari version 3 and above
  • RSS feeds work on Internet Explorer 7 and above and Safari 3.2.3

How to view the recorded Conferences and lectures

After you lectures are recorded you will receive the following Hyperlinks;

  • Rich Media Link – allows the users to only stream the content to their computers
  • Vodcast Link – allows the users to download the presentation to their computers and watch back on iPhones
  • Podcast Link – allows the users to download and listen back to the presentation
  • RSS Feeds – allows the links to be automatically updated – for example if you have a lecture recorded every week, you could place this link into a folder in the LMS at the start of semester and allow it to automatically add remaining lectures in that same folder

Every semester the recordings are archived (placed in storage). To make them available again please read the Unarchiving Echo Links document

I cannot edit my recordings

The editing of Echo 360 presentations can only be made within 40 days of the original recording.

The Echo Block shows no recordings

The wrong CRN code has been supplied to the Service Desk. Please ring the Service Desk to check

I cannot upload my recordings to my unit

  1. You must supply your unit name, unit code and crn code before the start of every semester
  2. Check to see that you have permission to upload to this unit. Please contact the Service Desk on 7272

What is SafeCaptureHD?

SafeCapture HD is the hardware based recording system in a lecture theatre. Having a SafeCapture appliance installed means that the lecturer can use the wireless mics and external devices such as document cameras can be recorded.

What is PC Capture?

PC Capture is a software based recording system installed on the local computer. This means that only the local computer will be recorded. Lecturers will have to stay close to the computer in order for the microphone to pick up sound.

My Recordings from last Semester do not appear in LEO

Echo 360 connects to LEO via the CRN code. Different CRN's are generated for every semester/year. To move your recordings to the new semester you must copy the files over using the Echo Portal. Please note you must have advised Service Desk that you want to use Echo this semester by sending the Unit ID, Unit Code and CRN code to them.

How do I copy my recordings to another unit?

Please read Copying an Echo guide (PDF, 650KB)