How do I record lectures using Echo360?

You can record digital video and audio of presentations and tutorials using Echo360, which is a software package that runs on Windows and Mac computers.

Echo360 will allow you to record:

  • your voice (audio)
  • your computer screen (a PowerPoint presentation)
  • a video from a webcam.

Links to these recordings can be uploaded onto web pages or the learning management system for students to access at their convenience.

The step by step guide

Step one — Check if your room is already set up with Echo360

Check this list of rooms that have the Echo360 recording facility – if your room is on it, all you have to do is fill out a booking form and then, at the time of your presentation, switch on the microphone.

If your room is not set up for recording, however, then you will need to set up Echo 360 on your laptop or desktop PC. See the next step for this.

Step two – Register for Echo 360 Personal Capture

Set up your Echo 360 Personal Capture Account (which you need in order to upload content to the system) by emailing the Service Desk with the following details:

Step three – Record using Echo 360 Personal Capture

Learn how to setup and record using Echo 360 Personal capture by reading the Personal Capture instructions (PDF, 2MB)