Recording lectures

Important Update - Echo360 Leo Block no longer supported.

We have been advised by our external lecture recording vendor that the Echo360 LEO Block will no longer be supported. Instead the Echo360 Course Portal Link can be used to allow staff and students to view the lecture. After your lectures are recorded, you will receive, via email the following links to choose from:

  1. Echo360 Course Portal – allows the links to be automatically updated – for example if you have a lecture recorded every week, you could place this link into a folder in the LMS at the start of semester and allow it to automatically add remaining lectures in that same folder
  2. Rich Media Link – allows the users to only stream the content to their computers
  3. Vodcast Link – allows the users to download the presentation to their computers and watch back on iPhones
  4. Podcast Link – allows the users to download and listen back to the presentation

To add a link to your recorded lecture in LEO, please follow the steps below:

  1. Copy the Echo360 Course Portal Link from your email (you will only have to do this once)
  2. Open your LEO unit
  3. Turn edit on
  4. Click Add an activity or resource
  5. Select Label resource and click add
  6. On Label text give a name to your link (e. g. First week lecture)
  7. Highlight your text and click on insert/edit link
  8. Click on Link URL field and paste your link into this filed
  9. Click Insert
  10. Scroll down this page and click Save and return to unit.

You have successfully inserted your Lecture Capture link into you unit.

Echo360 is a presentation capturing device that allows staff to record digital video and audio of presentations and tutorials. Links to these recordings can be uploaded onto web pages or integrated into the learning management system for students to access online at their own convenience.

Students today have iPods, laptops, computers and interactive phones at their fingertips and are accustomed to being able to access information quickly and easily. Echo360 recordings are viewable on a variety of platforms, including both Windows and Macintosh; as well as Apple mobile devices such as iPods and iPhones.

See Echo 360 Desktop Capture for more information.

Advantages of lecture recording

  • On demand accessibility
  • Effective way for students to review material
  • Better way for students to manage note taking during fast paced classes
  • Ability for students to catch up when absent
  • Higher student retention rate
  • Better use of class time

How students use it

  • To review challenging content
  • To take and update notes
  • To clarify comprehension of the language
  • To answer specific questions
  • For assessment preparation
  • To catch up on a missed class

See the Student questions page for more information.

How teaching staff use it

  • For lecture capture and presentation for students
  • For professional development
  • For orientation
  • For training

See the Staff questions page for more information.

See Editing Echo 360 Recordings (, ) for detailed instructions and screenshots.