How do I access the intranet from home (or anywhere) by using VPN?

Access the ACU network as if you were in the office, regardless of where you are, by using a virtual private network (VPN).

You would want to do this if, for example, you wanted to access files stored on the network.

The step by step guide

Step one — download the VPN software

Download one of the following files (depending on what kind of computer you have):

Step two – install the VPN

Open the zip file you have downloaded. When you do this, an executable file will download to your machine.

Click on this and select Run. The VPN will then automatically install for you.

If you are off-campus you will need to enter your ACU credentials — ie your ACU username and password, as well as the domain (ACUSTAFF) — before the zip file will run.

Following a successful VPN installation, you will then see the option to connect to ACU VP5 within your network connections.

Step three – use the VPN

Find out more about using the VPN by downloading the instructions specific to your operating system:

Having problems?

If you experience any issues then please contact the Service Desk on or +61 (0)7 3623 7272.