Eduroam wireless access

About EduRoam

EduRoam is a location independent Wireless Network that allows participating Universities' staff and students to log-in, with their usual "user name/password", to a wireless network at other participating campuses around Australia.

For a list of eduroam participating institutions, visit the eduroam website.

This will enable staff and students from participating campuses and Institutions in Australia can gain access to resources at their home campuses while traveling to other participating campuses

The EduRoam policy has been ratified by CAUDIT (Council of Australian IT Directors). This governs the services and support of EduRoam in Australia.

How to access EduRoam

For students and staff of ACU, follow the steps outlined in the guides below. Connect to the EduRoam Wireless using your network login details:

  • Staff - e.g. Tim Smith would be and password
  • Student - e.g. Student S00034567 would be and password

For students and staff members from other Universities and Institutions, please follow your own procedures to access EduRoam from ACU. You can find them on the Eduroam website.

User Guides

Use these guides to access EduRoam:

Disclaimer: Wireless client setup provided in the attached documents may not work for every PC with Windows built-in or add-on wireless cards. This guide should be used for reference only.