Student Email Access

Student email access instructions


To access your email you need to reset your network password on campus or through a password reset via the web Your password needs to be a minimum of six alpha and numeric characters.


On Campus:

1. Logon to an ACU PC with your supplied username and password

2. Press ‘CTRL’ & ‘ALT’ & DEL’ keys

3. Select ‘Change Password’

4. Reset your password by typing in your old and new passwords into the appropriate boxes provided

Your password is now synchronised with the email service. When accessing your email from an ACU PC you will not be

required to re-enter your password. When accessing your email from your own PC or from off campus you will need to

enter your username and password.


Off Campus:

1. Go to

2. Enrol into the SSRPM tool. This allows you to reset your password without needing to contact IT

3. Once enrolled go back to and select ‘Change Password’

4. Once your password is reset it will be synchronised with your email

Please choose a password that offers your accounts suitable security.

If you experience any difficulties please contact your local IT team.