Postgraduate Network Access

As full time ACU postgraduate students are increasingly wanting to use their own laptops on the ACU network, Client Support Services are providing this service in order to meets our clients requirements provided the following guidelines are met.

If the School/faculty provide a postgraduate with office space, desk etc with a datapoint. ITSS will connect them to the ACU network along the same procedure as we would connect a staff member.

The request for the connection should be via the helpdesk from their doctoral supervisor.

The students would use their student login.

If they were connecting to a printer, the cost centre responsible for the printer would have to approve them printing to that printer.

If the postgraduate student uses their own laptop, InoculateIT would be automatically loaded, and should be removed when the graduate, leaves the university etc.

Please note: As InoculateIT is automatically loaded, the postgraduate student must uninstall any virus protection on their laptop first.

While we would provide assistance (as we would for a staff member) the postgraduate student would be responsible for any hardware and unresolvable software problems.