Generic Accounts

In the past generic "visitor" accounts were available for visiting people to ACU on a temporary basis to cover such issues as guest lecturers etc. These accounts however effectively provided visitors with anonymous access to the Internet. To ensure that University continues to meets its obligations to the Australian Telecommunications ACT (ref: generic visitor accounts will in general NO longer be available for network access purposes.


  1. Each podium computer in a teaching space has a local logon account of 'visitor' with no password. This account can be used to log on to the local computer system only, and not to the staff or student domains. This will allow any visiting lecturers, the ability to logon to the local computer and use the data projector to make a presentation. This account does not allow Internet access or access to network resources such as shared drives, etc.

ITSS does recognise though that some Departments may require generic accounts and so these will only be issued on the basis that a designated staff member within that department accept full responsibility and accountability for its use.

  1. If a visitor requires an account that will provide full Internet access, a notification needs to be sent to the Helpdesk requesting a formal account for that user. The application must be sponsored by an existing staff member. The following details will need to be provided to the Helpdesk.

    • Full name of visitor.
    • The reason why an account is required for the visitor.
    • Full name of sponsoring staff member.
    • Department of sponsoring staff member.
    • Date of expiry of the account.

  2. If a department requires a "generic account" for Internet access a notification needs to be sent to the Helpdesk requesting a "generic account". The following details will need to be provided:

    • The name of the department;
    • A preferred name for the "generic account"
    • The purpose of the "generic account".
    • The name of the staff member accepting full responsibility for the account use.
    • The date of expiry of the account.

  3. It is also acceptable for a staff member to use their own account to logon to a computer for a "visitor" (proxy usage), but the staff member who is logging the visitor in must take full responsibility for the person or people that they allow to use their account. The staff member must not under any circumstances share with the visitor their logon details i.e. user name or password. If this is not something you wish to do please ensure that a formal request is made through the Helpdesk as noted above.

If you have any concerns or issues please contact the Helpdesk or the Support Services staff who will be pleased to help you.