Our Values

We work collaboratively in an environment of innovation, endeavour and rapid change and maintain a ‘can do’ attitude. Our culture and work ethics are key values that shape and sustain our interconnected environment. Our expectation is that staff will demonstrate behaviours, which build and sustain a culture that reflects the importance we place on:
  • honesty and transparency in all areas of our activities;
  • staff development and mobility;
  • work/life balance;
  • meeting agreed service levels;
  • strengthening relationships with our customer base.
  1. We maintain an organisation structure that enables us to be flexible and responsive to change. We consider all members of our staff to be equally important in the delivery of the services we provide.
  2. We recognise and acknowledge that many of our people are senior, highly skilled and experienced staff members with many years of loyal service and that we should make every effort to enlist their
    advice/input/support as part of the planning and change processes.
  3. We need to recognise potential and provide developmental opportunities.
  4. We should keep all staff informed of the ‘big picture’ and link their individual contributions to the University’s strategies and performance.
  5. We should celebrate our successes and highlight individual and collective contributions to the institutional endeavours.
  6. We need to promote and foster a deeper involvement in some decision-making processes.
  7. Staff should be encouraged to express opinions and alternative options.
  8. We should delegate responsibility to senior staff and hold them accountable.