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Websites and how Web Services can and/or cannot support them

Web Services' areas of support

Below is a list of websites that Web Services maintains and can currently provide support for:


Web Services shares support responsibilites for the following sites.
i.e. Different units are responsible for different types of issues on these sites

  • Content within downloadable dcouments (e.g. PDFs, Word Docs, Excel and Powerpoint files.)
    Web Services can assist with the uploading and linking to downloadable documents from the above websites. But we can not help with modifying their content. Only the document owners can modify their documents.
    • Infrastructure - Namir Kasim:

      Active Directory data:

      • Phone number;
      • Fax Number;
      • Email;
      • Location
    • Human Resources - Anthony Enders:

      Personal Details:

      • Position Title;
      • Title (e.g. Mr, Ms, Dr);
      • Name;
      • Organisational Unit;
      • Organisational area
    • Web Services
      • All formatting;
      • Broken links outside of the following areas
    • Staff member

      Incorrect information or inappropriate content in any of the following areas within their profile:

      • Biographical Information
      • Publications
      • Research
      • Interests
      • Memberships
      • Image
      • Short URL
      • Mobile
  • Course Browser -
    • Web Services - Paul Hudson

      Issues relating to interface

      e.g. Design, general navigation

    • IRM Section

      Content/descriptions with a course

    • Susanne Hill or Claron Driscoll

      Administrative details

      e.g. a course is displayed as available on a campus it's not being offered on or is not displayed as being offered on a campus it is offered on.

Outside Web Services' areas of support

The following websites are not maintained by web services. We cannot currently provide any direct assistance for issues relating to them.

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