Campus Ministry for Staff

Campus Ministry for Staff exists to help you:

Belong by developing a greater sense of community among staff;
Believe through activities to worship God and grow spiritually;
Become involved in activities that make a difference for those in need; and
Be supported with pastoral care for life's challenging moments.

Pastoral Care

We believe in a definition of pastoral care which is not just about supporting people in challenging times but also celebrating the good and joyful times.

Especially in times of challenge, grief and uncertainty, pastoral care is primarily about listening and then supporting, encouraging and guiding the person or group of people to take steps towards healing.

In terms of Pastoral Care, we:

  • are available for discussions about things of deep meaning
  • believe in being driven by the need of the person sitting before us – not our own agenda
  • focus on building a supportive relationship with those who turn to us for pastoral care
  • model mercy and compassion
  • seek to help build each person’s dignity
  • seek to be part of a person’s return to wholeness and wellbeing
  • are a presence of the Church for people who want to discuss their questions about, or criticisms of the Church
  • are openly Catholic in our faith, however, we never push our faith on those who are not willing to engage in a faith discussion.

Staff Roundtables

We joke that these events are speed dating without the romance!

Staff Roundtables are a chance to meet with a small group of other staff and have a discussion over lunch for an hour. You’ll spend a short time in conversation with 5 other people. The aim is to help build community on Campus and hopefully create new connections.

Christian Meditation

Do you need to unwind? Campus Ministry for Staff offers the opportunity on Campus to learn and practice Christian Meditation each week.

Christian Meditation offers a short break away from the hectic noise of daily life to relax into the love of God. 30 minutes is all you need to set aside. No experience is necessary.

12pm on Mondays | St Thomas Aquinas Chapel

8:30am & 12:30pm on Wednesday | Holy Spirit Chapel

12:15pm on Mondays | Signadou Chapel

North Sydney
1:00pm on Thursdays | Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Chapel

1:00pm on Wednesdays | Barron Memorial Chapel

1:15pm on Wednesdays | St Mary of the Cross MacKillop Chapel

Where can you find us?

Ground Level, Burke House
Tanya Kehoe (Pastoral Associate - Staff & Students)
Phone: (03) 5336 5402

Ground Level, Building A opposite Main Reception
Shanelle Bennett (Pastoral Associate - Staff)
Phone: (07) 3623 6072

Room S103, Signadou Building
Greg Jeffrey (Pastoral Associate - Staff & Students)
Phone: (02) 6209 1150

Mezzanine Level, Daniel Mannix Building
Fiona Bradley (Pastoral Associate - Staff)
Phone: (03) 9230 8267

North Sydney
Level 6, Tenison Woods House
Tony Hoban (Campus Ministry Team Leader)
Phone: (02) 9701 4592

Ground Level, S Block
Ann O'Connor (Pastoral Associate - Staff)
Phone: (02) 9701 4605