1. Overview
2. Insurance Manager
3. Procedure for Reporting Incidents
4. Insurance Excess
5. Summary of Insurance Programme

1.  Overview

The University maintains a comprehensive insurance policy program with Catholic Church Insurances Limited (CCI) in respect of its assets and activities. The insurance policy program is renewable annually. 
The Director of Finance has overall responsibility for the University insurance program, while the Insurance Manager coordinates all claims and general insurance inquiries.

Staff are encouraged to inform either the Director of Finance or the Insurance Manager of any changed circumstances which potentially increase the risk exposure of the University.

2.  Insurance Manager

The Insurance Manager can be contacted in relation to any matters regarding insurance policies, claims or potential claims (excluding workers compensation insurance) required :-
Rajan Wijey
Insurance Manager
Ext. 2945

Workers Compensation Insurance enquiries should be directed to the Personnel Relations Directorate.

3.  Procedure for Reporting Incidents     

In the case of an incident from which a claim or potential claim may arise, staff are required to contact the Insurance Manager as soon as possible.

The Insurance Manager will notify the insurance company of the incident and coordinate the claim.

For procedures specific to motor vehicle claims, refer to section 5(e) below. 

Employees of the University, should under no circumstances admit liability in relation to any incident from which a claim may arise, as this may compromise the University’s position with the insurer.

4.  Insurance Excess

Where an excess applies to a claim made under the University’s insurance policy, the amount of that excess will be charged to the cost centre making the claim.  However, where building damage has occurred or where a natural disaster has resulted in damage to equipment and property, the cost of the excess will be met by the University.

5.  Summary of Insurance Programme

The following is a summary of the current insurance portfolio of the University as a guide to available cover.  Any enquiries regarding the scope or extent of the cover should be directed to the Insurance Manager on ext. 2945. 

a) Industrial Special Risks Insurance (ISR)

This insurance covers physical loss, destruction or damage to property and the amount of loss resulting from interruptions or interference with University operations as a consequence of the original loss.

b) Public Liability Insurance

This insurance covers the legal liability to pay compensation in respect of:-

  • bodily injury;
  • property damage; and
  • advertising liability

arising from an incident while conducting University business.

The geographic limits of this insurance are anywhere in Australia and elsewhere in the world (except USA and Canada). Cover is limited to persons normally resident in Australia.

c) Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance

This insurance indemnifies the University against claims by reason of a wrongful act committed or alleged to have been committed by a Director or Officer.

Wrongful act is defined as any actual or alleged:-

  • breach of duty
  • breach of trust
  • neglect
  • error
  • mis-statement
  • misleading statement
  • omission
  • breach of warranty of authority or other act done or wrongly attempted by any Director or Officer.

The scope of this cover extends to past, present and future Directors’ and Officers’.

d) Professional Indemnity Insurance

This insurance indemnifies the University against claims for breach of professional duty by negligent acts, errors or omissions including legal liability for libel, slander, loss of documents and any fraudulent, criminal or malicious act committed by University staff in their professional capacity.

The geographic limits of this insurance are anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

e) Motor Vehicle Insurance

Comprehensive insurance cover applies for all University owned vehicles in Australia.

Procedures following Motor Vehicle Accident:

  • Do not admit liability in relation to the accident as this may compromise the University’s position with the insurer;
  • Record the registration number of your vehicle;
  • Record the registration number and make of any other vehicle;
  • Record the name, address and licence details with any other party involved;
  • Record the date, time and place of accident, including conditions of the road (eg: wet);
  • Record the names and addresses of any witnesses at the accident scene;
  • Report all accidents to Police, noting the police officer’s name and station ;
  • If the vehicle is not in a driveable condition, request the tow truck driver to tow it to the nearest repairer; and
  • Report the accident to University Insurance Manager, who will notify the insurance company and co-ordinate the claim.

f) Corporate Travel Insurance

This insurance covers all business travel both within Australia and overseas. The policy offers protection for overseas medical expenses, personal luggage, loss of deposits and additional expenses.

Prior to the commencement of an overseas journey, staff should contact the Insurance Manager who will provide a 24 hour emergency number for any medical emergencies or associated problems. 

g) Workers Compensation Insurance

For workers compensation insurance inquiries, contact the Personnel Relations Directorate

h) Personal Accident Insurance – Senate and Members of Australian Catholic University

This insurance covers bodily injury caused by an accident to both members of Australian Catholic University Limited and members of Senate.

i) Personal Accident & Illness Insurance – Religious

This insurance applies to all teaching and administrative religious at the University.  The policy covers both bodily injury caused by an accident and disablement from employment for a period of greater than seven days caused solely by illness.

j) Personal Accident & Disability Insurance – Students (Uni-Care)

This insurance covers bodily injury caused by an accident to ACU students while participating in University organised activities (eg: work experience, excursions, camps).

k) Personal Accident Insurance – Voluntary Workers

This insurance covers bodily injury caused by an accident to voluntary workers whilst undertaking authorised voluntary work on behalf of the University, including direct travel to, during and from such voluntary work.

l) Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

This insurance covers financial loss to the University directly resulting from theft, embezzlement or misappropriation by employees or any authorised voluntary workers.

The geographic limits of this insurance are anywhere within Australia.

m) Machinery Breakdown Insurance

This insurance specifically covers all University owned plant and machinery against any mechanical, electrical or electronic failure, malfunction, breakdown or accidental damage.




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