Charts of Accounts

1. Overview

2. Account Codes      

     Chart of Accounts Guide

3. Analysis Codes



1.  Overview


The Chart of Accounts is the numbering system used to classify all transactions entered into the University’s Financial Management System “SunAccount”.  This information is then summarised to satisfy both internal and external reporting requirements.


Every transaction entered into SunAccount consists of two elements:-

  • account code
  • analysis code


2.  Account Codes

Account codes are used to classify each type of financial transaction within SunAccount, according to its nature.


The Account code is a four digit number classified in the following ranges:- 

  • 1000 - 1999  Asset accounts
  • 2000 - 2999  Liability accounts
  • 3000 - 3999  Equity accounts
  • 4000 - 4999  Income accounts
  • 5000 - 5999  Salary expenditure accounts
  • 6000 - 6999  Non-Salary expenditure accounts


Chart of Accounts Guide


The following account codes are available to management centres:-

  • Asset Expenditure
  • Income
  • Salary & Related Expenditure
  • Non-Salary Expenditure

Download or view Chart of Accounts document



3.  Analysis Codes

Analysis codes add a further level of detail to each transaction for internal management reporting purposes.  Analysis codes are divided into two classes:

  • Cost Centre Code - Faculty / School / Department  (must be entered for each transaction)
  • Project Code - Project / Research Grant / Consultancy 




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