Facebook is a platform for individuals, groups, businesses and organisations to connect and share information.

Our domestic ACU page is located at www.acu.edu.au/facebook.

Facebook is used to:

  • share photographs and videos
  • promote and manage events
  • allow and respond to comments
  • facilitate fan/friend participation and feedback

Types of Facebook accounts:

  • Profiles – designed for personal use, to interact with friends, join groups, like fan pages and advertise.
  • Groups – set-up for people who share common interests.
  • Pages – designed for business use, where fans connect to a business or organisation by becoming a fan (‘liking’ the page).

Populating Facebook
Your account should have a profile picture that reflects the purpose of the page, as well as showcasing the ACU brand. The profile picture is representative of your Facebook presence and should be recognisable and attributable, remaining the same throughout the existence of the page (unless branding changes).

The help menu is a useful reference for basic Facebook functionality.

Regular interaction
To ensure the viability of the tool and to promote interest amongst users, the following suggestions apply:

  • A minimum of three updates per week to any Facebook page.
  • A maximum of three updates per day to any Facebook page.

Cover photo
The cover photo is the large image at the top of the Facebook timeline, accessible by the public. It is designed to make a visual statement, unique to the intended communications of the page. Cover photos should be changed at least once every three months to keep content fresh and engaging.

Events can be created and customised via Facebook. Events should only be created if 20+ Facebook friends are invited/likely to attend. Alternatively, a post should be made to advertise an event. If you are interested in promoting an event on the domestic ACU Facebook page, contact digital.marketing@acu.edu.au. University events can also be added to the Events section on the ACU public website.
Recurring events are not currently a function of Facebook.

Inviting guests
Potential attendees can be invited by clicking ‘Invite Friends’. Events can be set as:

  • public – anyone can join the event
  • friends – friends of the host can join the event
  • invite-only – only those who are invited can join the event.

Competitions – including offers and promotions
Competitions, offers and promotions should comply with Facebook terms and applicable laws, rules and regulations. Ensure you are familiar with the guidelines, which can be accessed via https://www.facebook.com/page_guidelines.php.

Incentives may be useful for promoting interest and participation.

Before offering incentives, approval should be received by the appropriate state lottery office. Please note, if national, approach all state lottery offices.

If you are unsure about competition requirements, contact the University General Counsel at Office.GeneralCounsel@acu.edu.au.

Conducting competitions
Promotion via Facebook must be set-up via an app – not conducted on the main Page or run directly on the Wall. Facebook has the right to reject or remove Pages if promotion is not set up correctly.

Promotion cannot be based on the features and functionality of Facebook. Such functionality includes (but is not limited to):

  • liking a page
  • checking in
  • commenting
  • uploading a photo.

Official rules, offer terms and eligibility must be outlined on the App. There must be acknowledgement that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. It must be disclosed the participant is providing information to ACU and not to Facebook. It is also necessary to obtain local regulatory approval.

If you are interested in capturing entrants' details, and you are on the ACU CRM, the promotion must be set up as a form. The form needs to be created via the content management system (CMS) and fed through the customer relationship management system (CRM). A Facebook App then needs to be created which nestles the content of a unique URL. If you are interested in capturing entrants' details, and you are not on the ACU CRM, please contact digital.marketing@acu.edu.au for advice.

Alternative solution
Facebook can be used to link to a promotion on the public website. Competitions can be set up via our CMS and linked to Facebook posts and comments. This solution wouldn’t require the need for a Facebook App, but you will still need to obtain the necessary regulatory approvals and, if you are hoping to capture entrants' data in the CRM, be integrated with the system.

Image sizes

Small icon 16 x 16 pixels
Profile picture 160 x 160 pixels
App icon 111 x 74 pixels
Cover image 851 x 315 pixels
Highlighted post/milestone 843 x 403 pixels
Tab page 810 wide pixels
Facebook ad 100 x 72 pixels
Standard post 403 x 403 pixels
Standard post (double) 806 x 806 pixels