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Christmas staff coverage;

We have had one staff memebr only working in the first week of January and 2 staff each day in the second and third weeks of January. Normal staffing will resume from 22 January.

Examinations are busy preparing documentation and training material for 2018. Examination requests for Semester 1, 2018 will open on 26 February 2018.

2018 Important dates are available at Examinations Information for Staff.


Introduction of Marks from 2018

From Summer 2018 (201805), ACU will be introducing the provision of numerical marks alongside grades for all graded (ie non-Pass/Fail) units.

Academic staff will be required to submit whole marks as well as grades for all students in graded units from the beginning of 2018.

All students will be notified of final marks and grades for all graded units via email, Student Connect and the Student Portal.

Marks will be published alongside grades on the Academic Transcripts of students commencing from 2018. In order to avoid 'hybrid' transcripts, only grades will be published on the transcripts of continuing students.

Why are marks being introduced?

The introduction of marks will

  • recognise the relative success of students who achieve more than the minimum cut-off mark for a grade band
  • allow students to calculate a Weighted Average Mark (WAM) if required for admission to further study or for applications for clerkship or internship programs in Law
  • allow students in South Australia and Victoria (where the standard State grading schema is HD: 80-100; DI: 70-79; CR: 60-69; PA: 50-59) to demonstrate a comparative GPA with their State counterparts when applying for Honours or postgraduate study at another university
  • improve record keeping by including marks in students' official academic records.

Modifications to Results Entry systems

We are in the process of modifying the Results Entry pages on Student Connect to accommodate the entry of marks as well as grades. Marks will be validated against grades to ensure consistency with the established grading schema. Apart from the introduction of a field to accommodate marks, the Results Entry module will remain essentially unchanged. Further information about the changes to this system will be provided over the next few months.

Changes to calculation of GPA

ACU will be continuing to calculate a GPA using a 7-point scale. From Summer 2018 (201805), however, a GPA value of 0 (rather than 1) will apply to all fail grades (Fail NN and Withdrawn Fail WN).

This change will only apply to units from Summer 2018; it will not be applied retrospectively.
For example: a third year student failed one unit in each of 2016 and 2017, and fails another unit in 2018. The first two failed units will each contribute one point to her final GPA calculation, whereas the 2018 fail will be given a value of zero.

What won't be changing

  • The current ACU grading schema of HD: 85-100; DI: 75-84; CR: 65-74; PA: 50-64 will not change.
  • ACU will not be providing a Weighted Average Mark (WAM) at this time as the provision of marks will enable students to calculate both a WAM and a GPA as required.

New Grades

Academic Board will also be considering the introduction of three new grades from 2018. These grades have not yet been approved, but a final decision will be reached by the end of November.

NH - Fail hurdle

Where a student achieves a mark greater than or equal to 50 in a graded unit, but fails to complete a hurdle requirement, they will be awarded a grade of NH and a mark of 49. Such students will not be eligible for supplementary assessment.

If a student achieves a mark less than 49, and fails to complete a hurdle requirement, they will be awarded a grade of NN, and their mark will stand unaltered.

IP - Incomplete Practicum

If a final grade for a Professional Experience Unit is not available at the end of a study period unit due to an incomplete practicum component, an interim grade of IP should be entered. After a predetermined period of time, any outstanding IP results will be converted to NN 00 (for graded subjects) or NN (for Pass/Fail subjects).

NU - Fail Ungraded

Where a student fails to provide a quality of performance that demonstrates thorough achievement of the unit learning outcomes in an ungraded unit.

More information

Information and training about the new systems and processes for managing results will be provided early in 2018.

If you have any additional questions please email the Examinations and Results team: stresults@acu.edu.au.

Key dates for 2018 results release have been published.

Trimester 3 (201772) and Research D term results were released on the 10 January 2018.

Results for Semester 2, 2017 Deferred and Supplementary exams are being changed, currently we are processing over 100 changes per day.

Change of Grade forms within six months of the release of results must be approved by the Head of School, after six months the form requires approval of the Dean.

Change of Grade forms should have the correct Term, Unit Code, Unit Title and CRN for processing.

2018 Important dates are available at Results – Staff

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