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Preferred contact method and work request submissions

Please remember to use the IRM Work Request Form to submit work requests.

For general IRM requests, email irm.section@acu.edu.au

For queries relating to Course Progression, email course.progression@acu.edu.au.

Website Accessibility Updates

We continue to ensure accessibility and readability of all our web pages to comply with the standards recommended by Vision Australia.

For further information visit the Vision Australia Accessibility Toolkit page.

Turnaround times for Work Requests

Ad hoc work requests (Students site with workflow)

Update published by IRM - 1 day (and then pending approval and publication)
Please notify IRM of any urgent queries

Ad hoc work requests (other sites) 1 working day
New form creation Allow 5 working days
Updating existing forms Allow 1 – 2 working days
SharePoint permissions for IRM documents including Handbook and Course Browser Allow 1 – 2 working days
Course Progression queries Allow 1 – 2 working days
Handbook and Course Browser information queries Allow 1 – 2 working days which may include follow up with Faculties

2018 Course Browser and Handbook Cycle

The 2018 cycle is progressing to plan with updates to course browser and handbook course rules nearing completion. We are currently working on the unit description updates and site maps.

Course Cost Database

Work on the Course Cost Data has commenced with the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Program Map Audit completed and indicative first year costs calculated.  The population of costs will commence next week in the relevant Banner screens (SOZCINF and SZACIDF).

ACU Brand Logo on Forms

IRM has finished updating the new ACU logo on Student Administration forms and letters (PDF and Word). If you find any instances of documents/PDFs that have been missed, please send a request to the IRM Section via the IRM Work Request Form.

Course Progression

Work on Course Progression has been scaled down during the Course Browser and Handbook cycle due to work load. However, we are still providing additional support to Faculty staff to expedite the testing process as required.

We continue to work on any ad hoc Course Progression queries as they come in. We recommend course or unit specific queries (eg: enrolment or grades) are sent to the relevant sections.

Please continue to send any user access requests to the Course Progression inbox.

For further information on the handling of Course Progression queries, refer to Course Progression Frequently Asked Questions, Common questions and troubleshooting on the Course Progression web pages on the Staff site.

Please direct queries to course.progression@acu.edu.au

Important Reminders

Work Requests
When submitting work requests, please use the IRM Work Request Form.

Student Notices and Alerts
Submit changes to Student Notices or Alerts via the IRM Work Request Form.

Please remember to visit the Student Notices and the student site (alerts on right hand side of page) regularly to ensure it stays current.

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