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2017 timetables are available using the 2017 Online Timetable link.

Important Dates

Date Activity
13 February 2017 Beginning of Phase 1 for Semester 2 2017 data collection – Web Data Collector, ECP and RDM opened for module and template data entry, POS checking and staff availability information
16 March 2017 Final Semester 1 2017 timetable changes due midday
16 March 2017 Web Data Collector closes at 4pm EST
17 March 2017 Semester 1 2017 Timetable closed
17 March 2017 Tutorial Direct converts to Read Only mode at 4pm EST
20 March 2017 ECP closes at 4pm EST
22 March 2017 Web Data Collector opens for Winter and Professional Terms 5 – 8 Timetable requests
24 March 2017  WDC check spreadsheets available for TLOs

Students have now allocated to classes for the coming semester.  We are working with AskACU and Schools to resolve outstanding student enquiries as soon as possible.

As students have now allocated into classes, it is imperative that requests for changes are kept to a minimum and comply with the conditions set out in the University’s Timetabling Policy.  Please ensure class lists are taken prior to submitting a Change Request Form (CRF) as any changes to day/time or activity type will remove student allocations in Tutorial Direct.  Schools will need to communicate the change to students prior to any change request being actioned and reallocate the students to the activity once the change has been processed.

New Timetabling policy and procedures were approved by Academic Board at the end of last year.  These became effective as of Jan 1 2017 so we are now operating under these Policy and Procedures documents.

The renaming of rooms due to the University’s Wayfinding Project has now been implemented in the timetabling system.  A list of new room names along with their corresponding former names and new descriptions is attached for your assistance during the transition period.

Please note:
Timetabling staff members hold a weekly team meeting every Wednesday afternoon between 2pm and 3pm.

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