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Inactivation of Student Records

A process has been run to inactivate student records, where there has been no unit registration for the past two years (i.e. 2015, 2016 and also 2017). The process identified 3,671 student records.

The following action has occurred for each updated record:

a) SGASTDN has been updated to IS status with effect from 201697;

b) Corresponding SHADEGR record has been updated to IN status;

c) Comment added to SPACMNT, “Student status inactivated with effect from 201697, due to no unit registration for the past two years”.

The following student records were excluded from the inactivation process, even though there has been no unit registration in the past two years:

(a) any student with an admissions offer for 2016 or 2017;

(b) any student who has applied to course complete or who has been processed for course completion in their current program (AG, CC or PC graduation status in the SHADEGR record);

(c) any student with a G3, AD01, INT1, R3 or T3 time ticket in SFARGRP for a 2017 term;

(d) any student in the Graduate Certificate in Higher Education program (GCHED).

2017 CRN/Unit Data

Thank you for finalising all CRN changes in the 2017 units spreadsheets. The previous tabs 2017 Units and Add Units are now locked down. Operations staff completed all requests on Friday, 1 July for the following faculties:

  • Education and Arts
  • Law and Business
  • Theology and Philosophy
  • Research
  • Health Sciences
  • International Education

CRN Changes after 4th July tab has also been locked down. This is to facilitate initial reporting to the Department of Education and Training. Any further changes to 2017 CRN data from 1 October onwards should now be added to CRN Changes after 1st October tab and an email sent to systems@acu.edu.au to advise Operations staff accordingly.

As in previous years, there will still be the opportunity to add, review and amend unit offerings for 2017, provided the change request can be actioned within the requirements of HEIMS legislation. Any addition or variation to 2017 data will also require the Deputy Dean approval. Generally, we are able to add or make minor amendments to unit data offering data, prior to the start of the designated term.

PLEASE NOTE: Operations staff will not be deleting any 2017 CRNs after Friday, 30 September 2016. The drop-down box for ‘Delete’ in the Unit Status column has been removed from the 2017 spreadsheets under ‘CRN Changes after 1 October’ tab.  If you no longer require an existing unit in a 2017 term then we will change the quota to zero.

Core Curriculum units (UNCC100 and UNCC300)

Faculty representatives from each school should contact their respective Faculty Academic Liaison officers in relation to the Core Curriculum units request, unit offering requests and the changing of quotas and restrictions in Banner. Systems team will only process these requests if they have been made via the Core Curriculum spreadsheet on SharePoint.

Supplementary Assessment Report

The SZRSUPA2 report has been modified as follows:

  • AOU, Email and Faculty columns have been added to the SZRSUPA2 csv output
  • Faculty has also been added as a new parameter in SZRSUPA2 so that staff can run the report for a particular faculty, e.g. EA or TP etc.


This report may be used to determine which students are eligible to receive Commendation emails and Certificates. A new Y/N Parameter (No 13) has been created to include mailing address in the report if required.

Prerequisite Report

The SZRPREQ report in Banner provides a list of Students that have not met the required prerequisites for a particular unit. The report has been modified to include a Program Code column and Student E-Mail column.  The Prerequisite report in Student Connect under “Faculty Services<Faculty Reports<Prerequisite Report” has also been updated in both Excel and HTML formats to reflect these changes.

Tertiary Admissions Centre Upload

3 offers processed in QTAC Round 530 on Thursday, 16 February 2017

99 offers processed in UAC UG Round 19 on Friday, 17 February 2017

52 offers processed in VTAC UG Round 4 on Monday, 20 February 2017

18 offers processed in QTAC Round 540 on Tuesday, 21 February 2017

10 offers processed in QTAC Round 550 on Thursday, 23 February 2017

Government Reporting

Student Revision SR.88 was submitted on Friday, 24 February

SA-HELP (SA) 2016.1.3 was submitted on Monday, 27 February

Campus (CM) 2017.1.2 was submitted on Monday, 27 February

Applications and Offers 2017.1.1 was submitted on Wednesday, 1 March

Student Systems Training

Training throughout March
The scheduled Student Systems webinars will continue through March.

Please visit Banner and Student Systems Training for session details and the Student Systems Training Calendar for dates and times. If you would like to attend a session that is run on an on demand basis please register your interest via the online booking tool within Staff Connect.

All module content/training guides will be made available to attendees after each session via the Student Systems Training SharePoint site.

Book in through Staff Connect and contact us at systems@acu.edu.au for further information.

Training Enquiries
For registration enquiries, or to receive more information about training sessions please email the Student Systems Training Officer via systems@acu.edu.au

Student Systems Training SharePoint Site:
The training tools housed on SharePoint have been relocated into specific libraries based on the systems managed by our team. This change will allow users to easily navigate through the Training Guides, Quick Reference Guides and Online Demonstrations available on the site.

Your current access to the training tools should not be affected, however if you do encounter a problem please advise the Training Officer via email at systems@acu.edu.au.

General Enquiries

Our preferred method of communication is via email. Please send enquiries to systems@acu.edu.au as we are not always able to take phone calls. The Systems inbox is monitored by multiple team members.

Weekly Operations Team Meeting

Systems Operations has weekly team meeting from 2:30 to 3:30 pm every Friday afternoon. Please leave a message during this time and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Due to IT restrictions, please ensure when installing SAMBA on your network drive, that it is only mapped to the following drives A, B, E, F, G, I, J, M, O and V.

Additional Information

Turnaround times for Work Requests

Ad Hoc Reports 5 working days
Unit and CRN creation or amendment 2 working days
Setting up new user accounts 5 working days
Modifications to Banner / Student Connect / Reports 10 working days to estimate the job and then a more formal estimate given

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