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New Students’ site
As mentioned in last week’s newsletter, the new  Students’ site was launched last Friday.  For the majority of this week, the IRM team  has worked tirelessly on checking and resolving any issues with hyperlinks as  well as looking at and recommending changes to the presentation of pages where  necessary.  The work relating to  hyperlinks included checking and updating external applications such as Student  Connect, AskACU and Knowledge Manager as well as the public and Staff websites.

A huge thank you to the entire IRM team for their efforts in minimising  the impact felt by students and staff.

Course Progression

Helen and Lesley have commenced updates for live  courses 2016 Academic Year.  Majors and  Minors have already been updated.

We continue to run ad hoc training for Faculty  staff for Course Progression as and when required.  We generally require that Faculty staff  receive training before their access is granted.

Website Accessibility Audits

Accessibility audits of the public, Staff and Students website were undertaken by Vision Australia at the request of Web Services.

These audits provided recommendations that are being implemented so that all sites are more compliant. As a result, IRM is reviewing all web pages under our jurisdiction and updating any pages/content to meet these recommendations.

Important Reminders

Work Requests
When submitting work requests, please use the IRM Work Request Form and ensure that the wording complies with the Student Administration Style Guide located in the All Student Admin section of Knowledge Manager.

Student Connect Noticeboard
Changes to the Student Connect Noticeboard should also be submitted via the IRM Upload Request form. Please remember to visit the noticeboard regularly to ensure it stays current.

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