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Main Round Scholarship Applications

The Scholarships Office is busy assessing all received applications, and fielding general enquiries. Many questions can be answered by consulting the Applications Tips page of the website.

Students are encouraged to continue checking the Scholarships and Bursaries browser for any awards they may be eligible to apply for.

As long as applicants meet all of the listed eligibility criteria within the scholarship rules, they can apply, and there is no limit on the number of applications a student can submit.

Applications are unable to be accepted after the published closing date.

PLEASE NOTE - Scholarships are applicable to Semester 1, 2016. When scholarship rules state that a student must be in a certain year level of study, this relates to their enrolment for Semester 1, 2016.

Notification of Outcome

Once an application has been successfully uploaded, students will receive an automated email confirmation. This email not only confirms that the Scholarships Office has received their application, but also advises that students will be notified (by email) in mid-April, regarding the outcome of their application.

Equity and Commonwealth Scholarships

All successful recipients were made a conditional offer on Friday 22 January 2016.
To avoid reallocation of their scholarship offer, students are urged to complete their online acceptance no later than Sunday 7 February 2016, as per the conditional offer email.

As explained on the UAC site:

**Meeting the scholarship eligibility criteria doesn’t guarantee that students will be awarded a scholarship. There are limited scholarships available, and more applicants than scholarships. All applicants are ranked against eligibility criteria and scholarships are awarded to those who best meet the eligibility criteria. If a student is unsuccessful, that doesn’t mean they aren’t in need, it just means there are other applicants who were assessed as being in greater need.**

Success Story

ACU student, David Tubb, was the successful recipient of the Sophia Scholarship in 2015, which was created to recognise current students/alumni for outstanding contributions to the Common Good.

David’s application, which outlined his role as Board Member and Volunteer Coordinator of Orange Sky Laundry, a mobile laundry service for the homeless, was chosen by Anne Cummins to receive the full $5,000 available.

Recently ‘social entrepreneurs’ Nic and Lucas who initiated the Orange Sky Bus have been named Young Australian of the Year 2016.

This is a fantastic achievement, and demonstrates the incredible projects some of our students are involved in, and their immense potential! We are thrilled to have been able to assist David, and in turn Orange Sky Laundry with the incredible work that they do.

My Scholarships Tab

The ‘My Scholarships’ tab is a central space for students to access and manage their scholarship details.

Students can utilise the ‘My Scholarships’ tab via Student Connect, to access a variety of information and tools.

The tab allows students to:

  • Accept or Reject a Scholarship Offer
  • View an online ‘Scholarship Summary’ which outlines all scholarship payments made
  • Access a ‘Scholarship Confirmation Letter’ to advise Centrelink of payments
  • Provide documents for consideration of special circumstances, via a web link
  • Upload a Letter of Appreciation/Annual Report, if required
  • Update/insert bank account details.

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