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The change requests continue to be submitted by the School Timetable Liaison officers. Our team is reviewing each request and assessing the potential impact on students, particularly where cross campus travel is involved. The metrics derived from the change request form provide valuable insight into data quality, scheduling decisions and the Schools planning of unit delivery.

We will be accepting change requests for the next 11 weeks (notably longer than the current election campaign) there has never been a more exciting time to be an AO in TE&R.

The QLD Regional Timetabling Meeting took place at Bond University on Thursday the 2 June 2016; our team was in attendance along with representatives from QUT, Griffith, UQ, CQU and JCU. Although we all speak the same language in timetabling and use the same software, the level of variation in processes between institutions is substantial. Ironically we all face the same “challenges”. Thanks to UQ for sharing processes on timetable statistical analysis.


All timetables are now available using the 2016 Online Timetable link. Please note that the URL for the online timetable has changed, so if you have saved the link to your favourites, it will need to be replaced with the updated version.

Important Dates

Date Activity
14 June 2016 Draft Timetable requests due by midday
15 June 2016 Semester 2 2015 Provisional Timetable published
23 June 2016 Provisional Timetable requests due by midday
27 June 2016 Semester 2 2015 Timetable published to students
28 June 2016 Tutorial Direct open for staff
30 June 2016 Tutorial Direct opens in Read Only mode for students
4 July 2016 Tutorial Direct opens for early allocation for EAPP students
6 July 2016 Tutorial Direct opens for Brisbane, Ballarat and Canberra students
7 July 2016 Tutorial Direct opens for Melbourne students
8 July 2016 Tutorial Direct opens North Sydney and Strathfield students
22 July 2016 Tutorial Direct forced sort

All requests for changes to the 2016 Semester 2 Timetable must be submitted to Timetabling via the School’s TLO. Draft changes are due by midday, Tuesday 14 June.

Requests received after that time will be treated as Provisional Timetable changes and are subject to different and more stringent conditions under the University’s Timetabling Policy and Procedures. All change requests at the Provisional stage require a reason for the change to be provided on the Change Request Form (CRF) and also require the approval of the HOS/DHOS unless the change is:

  1. to staff allocated to an activity that does not impact any staff member’s allocated teaching timetable;
  2. to the location required due to unexpected surge/decline in student numbers;
  3. a same day, same time swap of location to accommodate an unexpected surge/decline in student numbers;
  4. the deletion of booked space no longer required;
  5. the addition of a repeated activity, justified by enrolment numbers.

Please note:
Timetabling staff members hold a weekly team meeting every Tuesday afternoon between 2pm and 3pm.

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