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Preferred contact method and work request submissions

Please remember to use the IRM Work Request Form to submit work requests.

For general IRM requests, email irm.section@acu.edu.au

For queries relating to Course Progression, email course.progression@acu.edu.au.

Website Accessibility Updates

We continue to ensure accessibility and readability of all our web pages to comply with the standards recommended by Vision Australia.

Accessibility tip of the week!

Did you know you can find more information at the Vision  Australia Accessibility Toolkit page?

Turnaround times for Work Requests

Ad hoc work requests (Students site with workflow)

Update published by IRM - 1 day (and then pending approval and publication)
Please notify IRM of any urgent queries

Ad hoc work requests (other sites) 1 working day
New form creation Allow 5 working days
Updating existing forms Allow 1 – 2 working days
SharePoint permissions for IRM documents including Handbook and Course Browser Allow 1 – 2 working days
Course Progression queries Allow 1 – 2 working days
Handbook and Course Browser information queries Allow 1 – 2 working days which may include follow up with Faculties

Faculty Board

Updates from Faculty Board Minor change approvals are being actioned after each faculty board meeting.

AHEGS Update

The SZAAHDA screen in Banner is being updated to include the Australian Qualifications Framework statement for all iterations of eligible courses.

Course Progression

Phase 5 of the project is well underway with the team having now scribed all outstanding courses including outstanding undergraduate, and the balance of postgraduate courses).

Testing and training has now commenced. We have sent Course Coordinator and Faculty staff an Availability Survey to help streamline and tailor testing and training to their needs.

As we transition to “business as usual”, we are asking testers to refer any feedback relevant to other work areas as outlined in the table below.



What you can do

Who to ask

There are units in ‘Fallthrough’ that should apply to the audit

These are units that sit outside the course rules and unit structure according to the Handbook.
This could include:

  • Units that have replaced a discontinued unit and not listed in the Course Rules,
  • Units that have been advised to be taken such as an elective,
  • Unit deviation/enrolment error,
  • Recoded or renamed units.

If this is specific only to the student:
If the unit substitution relates to the student, please submit a Substitution form to be processed by Enrolments, Fees and Scholarships (EFS).

EFS via enrolments@acu.edu.au

Determine if this is a renamed/recoded unit that can be set up as an equivalency via a request set up in Banner.

Student Systems via student.systems@acu.edu.au

Check if there are any course rules or course structure anomalies within the Handbook.

Faculty Executive Officer (FEO) for your Faculty

All other enrolment anomalies/queries:
Check student enrolment.

EFS via enrolments@acu.edu.au

There are units in ‘Not Counted’ that should apply to the audit

These could be units that exceed the maximum allowable credit transfer, or units undertaken in a course previous to current Academic Year.

Check if there is Credit Granted allowable to apply units to current audit.

If units need to be credited follow existing process of credit granted.

EFS via enrolments@acu.edu.au

General queries


Discuss with EFS

EFS via enrolments@acu.edu.au

Course rules and course structure and other related Handbook issues

Discuss with FEO for your Faculty

FEO for your Faculty

Unit equivalencies/unit names/unit codes

Discuss with Student Systems

Student Systems via student.systems@acu.edu.au

We will continue to work through any ad hoc Course Progression queries to do with general maintenance and checking. A reminder that any course or unit specific queries, for example, enrolment or grades, should be directed to relevant areas.

Please continue to direct any queries to course.progression@acu.edu.au

Important Reminders

Work Requests
When submitting work requests, please use the IRM Work Request Form.

When updating web information, please ensure the information complies with the Student Administration Style Guide located in the All Student Admin section of Knowledge Manager.

Student Notices and Alerts
Changes to Student Notices or Alerts should also be submitted via the IRM Work Request Form.

Please remember to visit the Student Notices and the student site (alerts on right hand side of page) regularly to ensure it stays current.

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