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Timetable for Semester 2, 2015 deferred examinations is published via Examination Management System on 4 December.

Semester 2 Deferred Examinations will be held the week of 14 to 18 December 2015. The printing of deferred examination papers not uploaded to Examination Management System are now the responsibility of the Lecturer in Charge. The Lecturer in Charge will ensure the examination papers are printed and kept secure. The printed examination papers should be delivered to the Examination Distribution Room on Thursday, 10 December. If the exam paper is to be a ‘write-on’ paper only the front page of the exam paper is printed on Xerox ‘Pastel Pink’ paper. The questions and response sections of the exam should be printed on white paper. ACU central exams are always single-sided, stapled top left corner of the paper. Number of copies = Number of students enrolled in the unit, plus 3 spare for each exam venue scheduled.

Examination papers in alternate format required for students with Education Inclusion Plans should be delivered directly to the Examination Distribution Room by the Lecturer in Charge on 10 December.

All Lecturers in Charge of units are expected to be available during the entire central examination period. It is the School’s responsibility to ensure the necessary resources are provided by the School/Faculty to meet the central examination requirements.


Semester 2 results have been released  on 10 December.

Results should only be left blank if there is outstanding work which has not yet been assessed eg where the student has handed in work but the assessment has not been finalised or an Application for Extension of Time for Submission of an Assessment Task has been completed.

Result Change requests are now coming directly to the Results Section of TE&R. Please send any results change requests to: Student.Results@acu.edu.au.

We receive approximately 1,300 requests a semester after grades release date so please be patient.

2015 Important dates regarding the term codes, due dates and release dates are available at Results - Staff.

Please note:
Our  section will be open for business up until Christmas Eve and re-open on 4 January  2016.

Examinations & Results staff members hold a weekly team meeting every Tuesday morning between 9 am and 10 am.

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