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Main  Round Scholarship Applications – NOW OPEN

Students are encouraged to keep checking  the Scholarships and Bursaries browser for any awards they may be eligible to apply for.

As long as applicants meet all of the listed eligibility criteria within the scholarship  rules, they are able to apply.  There is  no limit on the number of applications one can submit, and many common  questions are answered on the Applications Tips page.

Students must adhere to the published closing  dates, as applications are unable to be accepted after this time.

Scholarship Application Dates

New  Scholarship closing dates are being trialled this round, as listed below.  Please note that applications close at MIDNIGHT on the dates specified.

Scholarship    Type

Closing    Date

Commencing    student scholarships

15    November 2015

ACU    Academic Excellence Scholarship

24    January 2016

General    scholarships

28    February 2016

Please  note that there are some scholarships/bursaries which close for application  outside of these dates.

Mercy Scholarship

The  highly anticipated Mercy Scholarship has now been published on the Scholarships  and Bursaries browser.  The  scholarship opened on Thursday, 1 October 2015 and closes on Monday, 30 November 2015.

The  overarching message or rationale behind the scholarship is as follows –

Australian Catholic University (ACU) is committed  to the dignity of the human person, and that applies equally to all human  beings: victims as well as to those who have been convicted of crimes.

As part of this commitment the University has  introduce two scholarships open to international students to study undergraduate  degrees at any one of ACU’s campuses[1]. The  scholarship will be equivalent to the full tuition of the recipient’s course  duration up to four years, and will be awarded to academically qualified  applicants upon submission of an essay on the theme of ‘the sanctity of human  life’.

[1] Excluding  Adelaide Campus which is not CRICOS registered.

External Scholarships and Bursaries Browser

Please remember that a number of external organisations also offer scholarship and bursary opportunities to tertiary students. These awards are promoted to students via the External Scholarships and Bursaries page; the Scholarships Office encourages all students to view the browser, especially those who may not be eligible for an internal scholarship or bursary.

If  you receive an enquiry from an external provider, requesting that we advertise  their scholarship on our browser, please ask them to email all details to scholarships@acu.edu.au,  so that we may confirm the scholarship is suitable for listing.

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