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CMS  Upgrade

The Content Management System (CMS) upgrade was  completed late Friday afternoon last week.  A couple of issues were found after the  rollover which were reported to Web Services and resolved in a very short  turnaround time - thanks to the Web Services team for their prompt action.

Course  Progression

Scribing for Phase 4 of the Course Progression  Project (CPP) has now been completed.  The  review of training documentation is currently underway.

Course Coordinators List

A  current list of Course Coordinators has now  been received from each of the Faculty Executive Officers.  The information will now be collated and  stored in a location (most likely a library within SharePoint) that can be  accessed by both Student Administration and FEOs, with the intention that the  list will be continually updated from that point onwards.  Watch this space for more information as it  comes to hand.

Website Accessibility Audits

Accessibility audits of the public, Staff and  Students website were undertaken by Vision Australia at the request of Web  Services.

These audits provided recommendations that are  being implemented so that all sites are more compliant.  As a result, IRM is reviewing all web pages  under our jurisdiction and updating any pages/content to meet these  recommendations.

Important Reminders

Work Requests
When submitting work requests, please use theIRM Work Request Formand ensure that the wording complies with theStudent Administration Style Guide located in theAll Student Admin section ofKnowledge Manager.

Student Connect Noticeboard
Changes to the Student Connect Noticeboard should also be submitted via the IRM Upload Request form. Please remember to visit the noticeboard regularly to ensure it stays current.

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