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Public Holiday
Please note: Monday 5 October is a public holiday in Queensland and New South Wales.

CMS Upgrade

The Content Management System (CMS) is being upgraded from Tuesday, 6 October to Friday, 9 October. Any amendments to web pages must be completed before COB Friday, 2 October. Due to the outage IRM ask that all Web Requests are submitted before 2pm on Friday.

Annual Review

The IRM Annual Review will be conducted on Tuesday 6 and Wednesday, 7 October during the CMS upgrade. The review is being held on campus and we will be checking emails during breaks over this period.

Course Progression

Scribing for Phase 4 of the Course Progression Project (CPP) has begun. This phase will include the balance of Undergraduate courses that have not yet been scribed and any outstanding courses from previous phases that have yet to ‘go live’.

Knowledge Manager – Request for Updates

Could all sections please review their articles in Knowledge Manager and provide updates to IRM via the IRM Work Request Form by COB Friday, 9 October. An email will also be sent to Managers and Team Leaders with instructions as to how to provide IRM with any updates.

Course Coordinators List

A of current list of Course Coordinators has now been received from each of the Faculty Executive Officers. The information will now be collated and stored in a location (most likely a library within SharePoint) that can be accessed by both Student Administration and FEOs, with the intention that the list will be continually updated from that point onwards. Watch this space for more information as it comes to hand.

Website Accessibility Audits

As well as completing an accessibility audit of the Students website, Vision Australia has also completed an accessibility audit of both the public website and the Staff site at the request of Web Services.

The audit provided some recommendations that should be implemented so that all sites are more compliant. As a result, IRM will be reviewing all public-facing, Student and Staff web pages under our jurisdiction and updating any pages/content to meet these recommendations.

2016 Units and Costs

The 2016 Units and Costs has now been finalised and has been published to the Students site.

Course Coordinators Manual

The update of the Course Coordinators Manual for 2016 has now been completed and can be found on the Staff site.

There is no “hardcopy” of the Course Coordinators Manual.


During the past week, there were only 11 visits registered.

Important Reminders

Work Requests
When submitting work requests, please use the IRM Work Request Form and ensure that the wording complies with the Student Administration Style Guide located in the All Student Admin section of Knowledge Manager.

Student Connect Noticeboard
Changes to the Student Connect Noticeboard should also be submitted via the IRM Upload Request form. Please remember to visit the noticeboard regularly to ensure it stays current.


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