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Staff are asked to direct any scholarship questions to scholarships@acu.edu.au, to ensure a timely response.

My Scholarships Tab

The ‘My Scholarships’ tab is a central space for students to access and manage their scholarship details.

Students can utilise the ‘My Scholarships’ tab via Student Connect, to access a variety of information and tools.

The tab allows students to:

  • Accept or Reject a Scholarship Offer
  • View an online ‘Scholarship Summary’ which outlines all scholarship payments made
  • Access a ‘Scholarship Confirmation Letter’ to advise Centrelink of payments
  • Provide documents for consideration of special circumstances, via a web link
  • Upload a Letter of Appreciation/Annual Report, if required
  • Update/insert bank account details.

Scholarships Currently Open

Scholarships that are currently open for application are listed below. Late applications cannot be accepted, therefore, students are reminded to check the closing dates listed on the browser.

Scholarship Name Opening Date Closing Date
ACU Canberra Rural Placement Scholarships 27 July 2015 21 August 2015
Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarship 05 August 2015 06 January 2016
Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarship 05 August 2015 06 January 2016
Indigenous Access Scholarship 05 August 2015 06 January 2016


Main Round Scholarship Application Period

Main round scholarship applications open on 1 September 2015.

All students are encouraged to check the Scholarships and Bursaries browser regularly to discover what is on offer, and what they may be eligible to apply for.

There is no limit on the amount of applications one can submit and many common questions are answered on the Applications Tips page.

External Scholarships and Bursaries Browser

Please remember that a number of external organisations also offer scholarship and bursary opportunities to tertiary students. These awards are promoted to students via the External Scholarships and Bursaries page; the Scholarships Office encourages all students to view the browser, especially those who may not be eligible for an internal scholarship or bursary.

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