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Semester 2 for Applications and Transfers

Courses available for mid-year entry are now open and accepting applications.
Applications for transfer were closed on 30 June 2015.

Direct Applications

Direct applications close on 20 July 2015.

TAC Applications

We are no longer making offers for the following QTAC courses as they are now full:

  • 115431 B Nursing (Enrolled Nursing – Diploma entry)
  • 115461 B Paramedicine
  • 115711 B Exercise and Health Science
  • 115911 B Exercise and Sports Science

TAC Dates for 2015

TAC Final Closing Date Current offer round Further offer rounds Final offer round
QTAC 9 July 2 July 9 July 16 July
UAC 8 July 1 July na 15 July
VTAC 5 June 3 July na 16 July

Course and Campus Transfers

Course and campus transfers are now open for current students and close 30 June 2015.

Admissions trialled a new approach to processing transfer requests for mid-year which involved a pre-assessment process. This has allowed us to advise the majority of students who applied for transfer of the outcome of their request in time for the opening of Tutorial Direct. This allows students to accept their transfer offer and enrol in units for next semester as soon as Tutorial Direct opens providing them with the same opportunity to choose their classes as the rest of the student body.

Students who did not meet the eligibility requirements for transfer at this pre-assessment stage have been advised that Admissions needs to wait for their Semester 1 results before we are able to make a final decision regarding their request.

424 transfer requests have been processed via this new procedure with only 46 requests waiting on Semester 1 results.

91% of all transfers were able to be processed in time for the opening of Tutorial Direct.

Late requests for transfer should be referred to the relevant Course Coordinator for discussion and consideration. Admissions will then process these late requests that are forwarded to us with School approval up to 20 July 2015 which is the week prior to lectures commencing.

Applications to Date for entry to the second half of 2015

  Application Type Received In Process At School for Decision Ineligible Invalid Conditional Offers Full Offers
(excl Grad Entry Teaching MEL)
766 114 50 35 78 10 479
Grad Entry Teaching MEL 139 23 30 19 11 5 51
Cohorts 109 0 0 0 0 0 109
Transfers 424 46 0 0 0 0 378
Commence after Defer 79 0 0 0 28 0 51
DIRECT TOTAL 1,517 183 80 54 117 15 1,068

T A C Offers QTAC: Undergraduate    

Grad Entry Teaching


UAC: Undergraduate  


Grad Entry Teaching


VTAC: Undergraduate  


Grad Entry Teaching



0 965

TOTAL Offers to date

15 2,033


Admissions Front Office

To help facilitate the need for an additional meeting space, Admissions would like to advise the Brisbane Student Admin Team, that we have placed a booking sheet on the door of the Front Office of downstairs Hub 12.

Similar to the process that is in place in Brisbane for the “Icebox” upstairs, if you wish to use this room for smaller gatherings, please book your time on the sheet to ensure that the room is kept free for you.

Reminder – Re: Admissions Weekly Team Meetings

Please note that Admissions will hold their next fortnightly Team Meeting 10:30am to 11:30am Tuesday 7 July 2015. Anyone trying to contact us during this time will need to leave a message and we will reply as soon as possible.

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