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Revised HELP Due 2015.1.1 was submitted on Monday, 22 June

Change to Student Email Accounts

Between 22 June and 15 July ACU will begin an update to student email accounts. The purpose of this update will be to create a new email alias that will be used as students public email address.

The new email address will reflect the student’s full-name.
For example: john.doe3@myacu.edu.au

The previous email alias format will still remain active and emails will continue to be received if sent to the current address.

Between 22 June and 15 July students may notice their address in Office 365 will change to the new format. A further notification will be sent when all accounts have been updated.

Please note that this change DOES NOT have any impact on the way students log on to university services or log in to email. Student User ID’s will still be: student_number@myacu.edu.au, e.g. S00012345@myacu.edu.au.

Argos Upgrade

Student Systems have been working on the upgrade of the Banner reporting tool, Argos. This upgrade will provide end users with a new way to integrate with the reporting system via the Argos Web Viewer.

The upgrade was complete earlier this week and went live on Wednesday, 3 June. Argos is now available via the following link: https://bannerreporting.acu.edu.au. Please update the new link in your favourites bar.

Users will notice one of the system updates occurs at logon, there are two options to select when launching Argos:

Argos Web Viewer
This view provides staff access to run specialised dashboards and reports in their browser using Banner data. Staff with access to Argos will launch the system via Argos Web Viewer.

The Argos launch button is available to Developers (backend users) who build, maintain and administer Argos. Approved Student Systems staff will launch the system via Argos.

The Argos training guides listed on the Student Systems Training SharePoint site have been updated with the new system format. If you require training on Argos please email systems@acu.edu.au.

If assistance is required when accessing Argos; from initial access; logon; running reports; and accessing reports please contact Student Systems via systems@acu.edu.au.

2016 Unit Request Data

Thank you for submitting the 2016 crn spreadsheets on Friday, 29 May. Operations staff are working through the spreadsheets and aim to have them completed by Tuesday, 30 June.

2015 Unit Request Data

The Department of Education 2015 unit file was submitted to the Department on 1 October. Any late additions or amendments to the 2015 unit offering data can still be submitted via the request files in SharePoint, however, please use the ‘Unit Changes after 1 October’ tab for this purpose and send an email to Systems, advising of any change made to the unit data in SharePoint.

Please note that any further amendments to 2015 unit offering data will require the approval of the Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) and even so may not be able to be actioned, pending the requirements of HEIMS legislation. The only exclusion to this requirement is changes to unit quotas, which do not involve zero quotas. Any request, to change a unit quota from or to zero, will still require Associate Dean authorisation.

Report Request Form

For staff requiring specialised reports not available in Banner or Student Connect (Faculty Services) an online report request form has been placed on the website, located at Staff > Forms & Templates > Student Administration:

The requestor will also receive an automated email confirming the details they submitted.

Student Systems Training

Webinars will be running as usual throughout June. Please visit Banner and Student Systems Training for session details and the Student Systems Training Calendar for dates and times. All module content/training guides will be made available to attendees after each session via the Student Systems Training SharePoint site.

Book in through Staff Connect and contact us at systems@acu.edu.au for further information.


Our preferred method of communication is via email. Please send enquiries to systems@acu.edu.au as we are not always able to take phone calls. The Systems inbox is monitored by multiple team members.

Weekly Systems Operations Team Meeting

Systems Operations has weekly team meeting from 2:30 to 3:30 pm every Friday afternoon.
Please leave a message during this time and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Turnaround times for Work Requests

  • Ad Hoc Reports – 5 working days;
  • Unit and CRN creation or amendment – 2 working days;
  • Setting up new user accounts – 5 working days;
  • Modifications to Banner / Student Connect / Reports – 10 working days to estimate the job and then a more formal estimate given.

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