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Late Addition of Units (LAU) Form

17 May 2015 was the last day for a student to add a unit to their Winter Term enrolment via Student Connect. After 17 May 2015, any addition requires an LAU form approved by the Course Coordinator after consultation with the Lecturer-in-Charge.

A $50 late fee applies between 18 May to 22 June 2015.


Our preferred method of communication is via email. Please send enquiries to enrolments@acu.edu.au as we are not always able to take phone calls. The Enrolments inbox is monitored by multiple Enrolments staff which increases the chances of your email being responded to promptly.

Enrolment Important Dates



Students in their final semester of their course will need to complete an Application for Course Completion in Student Connect. This will let us know that they intend to finish their course. Once their final results become available, their application will be sent to their Course Coordinator for assessment.

In early July, EF&S will send Course Coordinators a pro forma and electronic transcript for each student who has applied to graduate in Spring 2015.

To ensure we distribute pro formas to appropriate staff, we ask that all Schools complete the Spring Graduation – Course Coordinator contact list for their course/s on SharePoint.

To edit the spreadsheet:

  1. Click on the spreadsheet titled ‘Spring Graduation – Course Coordinator contact list’.
  2. Select the Campus tab
  3. Click the 'Edit in Browser' button located in the top left hand corner
  4. Complete column D and E (if appropriate)
  5. Exit from spreadsheet by navigating back or exiting the browser
  • NOTE: There is no ‘Save’ button. SharePoint will automatically update the spreadsheet as you edit.

As we will be sending pro formas after the result release date for Semester 1 2015 (9 July 2015), we ask that this information be updated by COB Friday 19 June 2015.


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