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Auto Holds

It has been another big week for the Fees team. Another process has been implemented through the use of Auto Holds to place TC – Temporary Cancellation Holds on students with an outstanding balance.

Previously we would need to manually identify students who required a TC, this would then be sent to Systems who will then run a script to apply them to student records. This process can sometimes take anywhere between 3-5 days during busy periods. Students who make payment after TC holds are placed, would be manually identified and removed by the Fees team.

This process will provide a much better service (although it may not sound like it). Each day a TC hold will be applied to any student who has outstanding tuition fees and has passed their approved due date. When/if payment is made; a TC hold removal process will also take place each day to remove the hold from any student who has made full payment of tuition fees.

Thank you
A big thank you to staff from Strathfield Student Centre for their help completing the call out campaign to student’s who have been cancelled for non-payment of fees.

Fees Tasks

7 April 2015 Apply Temporary Cancellation Hold and $150 Reinstatement Charge to students with an outstanding balance in Semester 1 2015
9 April 2015 SMS to advise student’s they have been cancelled in Semester 1 2015



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