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Our preferred method of communication is via email. Please send enquiries to enrolments@acu.edu.au as we are not always able to take phone calls. The Enrolments inbox is monitored by multiple Enrolments staff which increases the chances of your email being responded to promptly.

Emailing of Forms

When emailing PDF files of credit/other forms we would really appreciate it if the student details could be included in the body of the email. We are receiving a number of follow-up enquiries regarding the status of many forms and cannot search our emails without this information. This often results in us not being able to find the initial email and can result in us advising that it hasn’t been received. Your assistance in this matter is most appreciated.

Enrolment Forms

We would like to thank you for your patience as we work through the back log of forms.

Application for Credit/Recognition of Prior Learning (CR) Forms

Forms required for course completion purposes are being prioritised. Any CR forms that are required for course completion should be marked as such and Enrolments notified via email at enrolments@acu.edu.au.

Late Addition of Unit

The last day to add a unit for Semester 1 2015 via Student Connect was 8 March 2015. Students can submit a Late Addition of Unit (LAU) form which requires approval by the Course Coordinator after consultation with the Lecturer-in-Charge. Students will be charged the appropriate late fee.

2015 Mid-year Re-enrolment Period

Students, who wish to enrol in any of the following study periods, will be able to enrol between 14 April 2015 and 9 August 2015 using Student Connect:

  • Winter Term
  • Professional Term 5
  • Semester 2
  • Professional Term 6
  • Professional Term 7
  • Professional Term 8

Late fee penalties apply to students re-enrolling after 9 August 2015. (Note - the last day to enrol into a Winter Term unit without a late fee is 17 May 2015).

Prerequisite Report available

The Prerequisite Report is run through Student Connect and identifies all students who have not met the prerequisite requirements for a specific unit.

To run the Report, follow the Prerequisite Report Step by Step Instructions in the Course Coordinators' Manual.

Requests to withdraw students who have not met prerequisite requirements can be sent to enrolments@acu.edu.au.

Enrolment Important Dates


Course Completion Important Dates

Students must be course complete by the following deadlines in order to graduate in Autumn 2015:

Deadlines Campus
Tuesday 7 April 2015 ALL

Students who are not course complete by the above deadlines will graduate in the Spring 2015 ceremonies.

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