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Applications are now CLOSED for Semester 1, 2014.

Late Applications

Applicants wishing to submit a late application for admission cannot now apply via the Tertiary Admission Centres or the ACU website. These applicants will need to contact the relevant Head of School, who should then email Claron Driscoll, Manager, to seek approval for the offer to be made.

Deferment/Commencing Following Deferment Requests

These late requests will ONLY be considered if supporting documentation is provided at the time of request, to support extenuating circumstances.

Offer Email Enquiries

To assist Student Centre staff with enquiries regarding offer emails that have not been received, please remember you are able to attend to the query by working through the following steps.

  • SAADCRV – to confirm 35 is the latest decision code and note THE DATE recorded
  • GOAEMAL – to confirm/update their personal email address
  • SZAEMST – to locate the unreceived email and resend the message.

Late Offer Enrolment Link vs LAU Form



Processed By

Fees Applied

Late Offer Enrolment Link

  • Commencing Students



LAU Form

  • Continuing students, OR
  • Commencing students who received their offer earlier than 14 days prior to the close of enrolment via Student Connect




The hyperlink for Late Offer Enrolment is only available from Admissions, who email the link directly to newly commencing students who receive an offer close to, or after, online enrolment closes via Student Connect.

The LAU form is an Enrolment form for students to use when they want to enrol in a unit and it is past the date to do so online via Student Connect.

Reminder – Re: Admissions Weekly Team Meetings

Please note that Admissions hold their weekly Team Meeting 10.30-11.30am each Tuesday morning (Qld time). Anyone trying to contact us during this time will need to leave a message and we will reply as soon as possible in due course.

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