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Weekly Systems Operations Team Meeting

Systems Operations has weekly team meeting from 2:30 to 3:30pm every Friday afternoon. Please leave a message during this time and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Major changes promoted into Banner

  • A Banner student view has been created for Infrastructure team to automatically update the campus information in Active Directory (transfers and additional course offers).
  • Reschedule the auto assigning of the ‘AD01’ time ticket cronjob to a daily process which will run 7 days a week with a log file attached.
  • Add the EIP (Education Inclusion Plan) indicator into the Faculty Reports > Course Participants Report on Student Connect.
  • Add the student mobile number into the faculty reports > Course Participants Report and ACU Class list on Student Connect.
  • Inactivated all students who have had not enrolment for 2 years.
  • Inactivated all students who have had not course completed with 10 year limit requirements.

Inactivation of Student Records

A process has been run to inactivate student records, where there has been no unit registration for the past two years (ie since 2012). The process identified 2,339 student records. The following action has occurred for each updated record:

  1. SGASTDN has been updated to IS status with effect from 201430;
  2. SHADEGR record has been updated to IN status;
  3. Comment added to SPACMNT, “Student status inactivated with effect from 201430, due to no unit registration for the past two years”.

The following student records were excluded from the inactivation process, even though there has been no unit registration in the past two years:

  1. Any student record, where the admit term is for a 2013 or 2014 term (student admitted to a new program);
  2. Any student who has applied to course complete or who has been processed for course completion in their current program (AG, CC or PC graduation status in the SHADEGR record);
  3. Any student who has been assigned a G3 or AD01 or INT1 time ticket for a 2014 term;
  4. Any student in the Graduate Certificate in Higher Education program (GCHED).


Tertiary Admission Centre (TAC) Uploads

5 February 2014 – QTAC Offer round - 218 offers processed
6 February 2014 – VTAC UG - 160 offers processed
6 February 2014 – UAC UG offer Round 17 - 110 offers processed
10 February 2014 – VTAC PG round 4 - 1 offer processed

International Office offer files:

7 February 2014 – IOAN round 4 – 39 offers processed
7 February 2014 – IOAC round 4 – 19 offers processed
11 February 2014 – IOAN round 5 - 9 offers processed
11 February 2014 – IOAC round 5 - 22 offers processed

Student SystemsTraining

Training will run throughout February, please visit the Banner and Student Systems Training web page for session details, dates and times. All module content/training guides will be made available to attendees after each session via the Student Systems Training SharePoint site.

If you are interested in attending a session, or would like more information on the training available, please contact us at systems@acu.edu.au.

To register for training please do so online via your Staff Connect account
When registering please select the ‘Book me on Course’ button, your registration will be picked up and added to the next available training session.

Additional Information

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