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Please be aware of the central examination in progress. Any noise on campus needs to be kept to the bare minimum.

Semester 2, 2014 central examinations are being held until 21 November. Lecturers in Charge must be contactable during the whole of the examination to answer any questions which may arise regarding the examination paper. In addition, the LIC must be present for at least 15 minutes at the beginning of a computer-based examination to set and deliver the required password for/to students and to ensure the examination commences appropriately.

Lecturers in Charge of units entering an examination venue must follow the directions given by the examination supervisor. The exam supervisor has the responsibility for the conduct of examinations. A supervisor has and may exercise such posers as are reasonably necessary to ensure the proper and efficient conduct of the examination.

Students may apply for a deferred examination based on professional practical placements. Deferred application must be submitted online and have documentary evidence attached. The criteria for central deferred examinations are listed at Deferred Examinations. Schools do not have the authority to approve central deferred examinations. Lecturers in Charge may approve a school-based examination for a student.

Deferred examinations will be scheduled from 15 to 19 December. The deferred examination timetable will be published on Friday 5 December.

All Important dates: Examination Information for Staff



All results are to be submitted onto Student Connect by the LIC. A Submission of Results user guides is available on the Results – Staff page.

Where a student cannot be awarded a final grade for a unit at the end of the study period, the grade will remain blank. If no final grade has been assigned to the unit within twelve months of the end of the study period, a Fail (NN) grade will be assigned to the unit.

Important dates regarding the term codes, due date and release dates are shown on the Results – Staff page.


Please note:

Examinations & Results staff members hold a weekly team meeting every Tuesday morning between 9am and 10am.

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