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ACU Futures Project - Timeline for migration of Curriculum and Student Data to new Faculty Structure

The bulk update of relevant unit, CRN and student data, to align with the new Faculty structure under the Futures project, has been completed. The details of the action taken are as follows:

Monday, 9 December - relevant program codes (courses) migrated to the Education and Arts (EA), Law and Business (LB) and Health Sciences (HS) Faculty codes in the Banner program and curriculum rules. This process will not update the Faculty records for students already current in or recently admitted to these programs. This update is to the Banner rules only:

192 programs will be migrated from the existing Arts & Sciences (AS) and Education (ED) Faculties to the new EA Faculty code.
48 programs will be migrated from the existing AS Faculty to the HS Faculty code.
94 programs will be migrated from the existing Business (BU) and Law (LW) Faculties to the new LB Faculty code.

Monday, 16 December – relevant units will be migrated to the new Faculty structure, with effect from the 201405 term. Relevant 2014 CRNs will be assigned to new AOU or Department codes. Systems will undertake this work manually and the updates will be based on a unit/CRN list from 1 November 2013. Any units or 2014 CRNs created since that date will be migrated prior to the Christmas closedown. Approximately 1550 units will be assigned new Faculty codes, and 850 CRNs will be assigned new AOU codes in this process.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014 – the curriculum records for current students in ‘migrating’ programs (courses) and those students admitted to ‘migrating’ programs for 2014 were updated to reflect the new Faculty code. Current students included those students, course completing at the end of 2013 and attending Graduation ceremonies in Autumn 2014. More than 20,000 student curriculum records were updated in this process.

Please note that while every effort was made to identify the ‘current’ student records, there may be examples where students still need their curriculum record updated, to reflect the new Faculty code. Initially, any anomaly cases should be referred to systems@acu.edu.au (cc Robert Hartup) for correction.

Tertiary Admission Centre (TAC) Uploads

250 offers were made in the VTAC GET Round 1 Upload on Monday, 13 January, 2014.

Student SystemsTraining

Training will run throughout January, please visit the Banner and Student Systems Training web page for session details, dates and times. All module content/training guides will be made available to attendees after each session via the Student Systems Training SharePoint site.

If you are interested in attending a session, or would like more information on the training available, please contact us at systems@acu.edu.au.

To register for training please do so online via your Staff Connect account
When registering please select the ‘Book me on Course’ button, your registration will be picked up and added to the next available training session.

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