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2015 Unit Request Data

The Department of Education 2015 unit file (unit offerings in the first half year of 2015) was submitted to the Department on 1 October.

Any late additions or amendments to the 2015 unit offering data can still be submitted via the request files in SharePoint, however, please use the ‘Unit Changes after 1 October’ tab for this purpose and send an email to Systems, advising of any change made to the unit data in SharePoint.

Please note that any further amendments to 2015 unit offering data will require the approval of the Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) and even so may not be able to be actioned, pending the requirements of HEIMS legislation. The only exclusion to this requirement is changes to unit quotas, which do not involve zero quotas. Any request, to change a unit quota from or to zero, will still require Associate Dean authorisation.

Time Ticket Allocation - 2015 re-enrolment period

The G1 and T1 time tickets have been allocated, to enable continuing students to register in 2015 units via Student Connect, from 13 October to 23 November.

The G1 time ticket was applied to the 201505, 201507, 201512, 201515, 201530, 201545, 201547, 201555, 201560, 201565, 201570, 201597 terms and was allocated to 29,069 students.

The T1 time tickets apply to 201532, 201552, 201572 terms only. The T1 time tickets apply to the Offshore International Manila students.

Continuing Research students were excluded from this process, as the 2015 Research unit enrolments will be processed manually by Research staff.

Please note that the following programs were excluded from the G1 time ticket allocation, and students enrolled in these programs will not have the capacity to enrol into 2015 units - DIPBIS, DIPBUS, DIPCOM, DIPEDS, DIPENV, DIPEXS, DIPINF, DIPLIB, DIPNPR, DIPNUR, DIPSLC, DIPTHL, DIPVAD, DIPTLE, DIPTPN, DIPYWK, DIPYMN, ADIPNU, VETNUR, ABROAD, EXCHGE, GCELOU, MOHOU, GDOHOU, GCOHOU, GCTBWO, GCTALO, STEPUP, EDRECT and all Non Award and Cross Institutional programs.

BANNER 8.7 Upgrade

During Semester 2 of 2014, BANNER will be undergoing 2 major upgrades. The first phase, which is now complete, was an upgrade to the software managing the server ‘WebLogic Server Basic Edition’. This has carried over the same functionality as previously existed on BANNER without any changes, but with updates to some of the background software. Phase 1 was implemented in Production over the weekend of 16 and 17 August.

Phase 2 will update BANNER from the current 8.3 version to 8.7. This will introduce some new tables and structure which will allow us to move on next year to the new version of ‘BANNER XE’ which brings with it many new exciting enhancements and improvements. We plan to have Phase 2 completed by the end of November this year.

As part of the preparation for Phase 2 we are currently reviewing the BANNER reports used and contacting some users for assistance with this process. We would like to thank those staff who have responded, we appreciate the assistance during this busy period. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of version 8.7 will commence on Monday, 3 November.

Access to BANNER will be unavailable during the Phase 2 upgrade and cutover period, currently scheduled to run over the last weekend in November this year. This may affect the submission of grades on Friday, 28 November until Tuesday, 2 December. Please be aware of this when planning your submission of semester 2 grades. We will advise the exact cutover dates as soon as they are finalised.

Please note that the SANDPIT environment will remain available for you to respond to student enquiries during this time. Please do not make any record changes in the SANDPIT environment, as these will not be migrated to Production.

Student Systems Training

Webinars will be running as usual throughout October. Please visit Banner and Student Systems Training for session details and the Student Systems Training Calendar for dates and times. All module content/training guides will be made available to attendees after each session via the Student Systems Training SharePoint site.

Book in through Staff Connect and contact us at systems@acu.edu.au for further information.

Weekly Systems Operations Team Meeting

Systems Operations has weekly team meeting from 2:30 to 3:30 pm every Friday afternoon. Please leave a message during this time and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Turnaround times for Work Requests

  • Ad Hoc Reports – 5 working days;
  • Unit and CRN creation or amendment – 2 working days;
  • Setting up new user accounts – 5 working days;
  • Modifications to Banner / Student Connect / Reports – 10 working days to estimate the job and then a more formal estimate given.

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