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The final Semester 2 examination timetables were published on Monday 22 September.

In accordance with the Examination Policy, if the examination paper was not submitted by the due date, the LIC is now responsible for the printing of the examination papers. The printed examination papers must be delivered to Student Administration by the Friday of lecture week 12 (24 October 2014).

Schools/LICs should be aware of students who have Education Inclusion Plans (EIPs). Where an examination paper requires special formatting in accordance with an approved EIP, the Lecturer in Charge is responsible for providing the special formatted paper not later than the Friday of Lecture week 12.

Lecturers in Charge must be contactable during the whole of the examination to answer any questions which may arise regarding the examination paper. In addition, the LIC must be present for at least 15 minutes at the beginning of a computer-based examination to set and deliver the required password for/to students and to ensure the examination commences appropriately.

A trial of uploading examination papers directly to the new Examination Management System is being conducted in NSW and the ACT in Semester 2, 2014. To new feature should be available across all campuses for Semester 1, 2015.

All Important dates: Examination Information for Staff



All results are to be submitted onto Student Connect by the LIC. A Submission of Results user guides is available on the Results – Staff page.

Important dates regarding the term codes, due date and release dates are shown on the Results – Staff page.

Note: Examinations & Results staff members hold a weekly team meeting every Tuesday morning between 9am and 10am.

Training Workshops

In the last two weeks of September, Agnes, Tamara and Morgan delivered training workshops across each of our campuses.

Agnes focussed on examination procedures with advice relating to the move to the online submission of exam materials. NSW and ACT are currently involved in the trial of this process. If the trial is successful the process will be instigated across all campuses in Semester 1, 2015.

Tamara conducted introductory and advanced ‘TLO workshops’ covering the range of responsibilities that are filled by our School based Timetable Liaison Officers and developing their skills with our shared timetabling software.

The sessions were popular and it was an excellent opportunity to meet personally with our colleagues interstate. We are grateful to the enthusiastic participants who attended each session, provided honest feedback and contributed to the development of our systems and procedures. Sincere thanks to all participants. A range of enhanced guides and advice, based on these workshops, will be provided on SharePoint in the coming weeks.

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