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ACU Scholarships and Bursaries

Mid-year Scholarships and Bursaries

We have notified students of the outcome of their applications. Congratulations to those who were successful! We recommend that unsuccessful applicants check out Applicant Tips.

Bob and Margaret Frater Travel Scholarship interviews will be held in October.

Ongoing Eligibility

Ongoing eligibility checks for ACU and Commonwealth Scholarship holders have been conducted and payment should be made by finance this week.

New Scholarship

The second round of the ACUNSA Travel and Training Scholarship will be open on Wednesday 1 October!

This Scholarship is designed to assist students with the associated costs of attending conferences, humanitarian activities, undertaking practicums or other further student training that supports the studies of ACU students.

Applications will close on Wednesday 22 October!

Main round 2014/2015 Scholarships

We are currently undertaking preparations required for main round scholarships.
This year Scholarships will open 31 October and close 8 March.

$1000 Business Scholarship

Please note that the $1000 Business Scholarship is not managed by the Scholarships Office.

Please ensure that you direct any enquiries to Rodney Toombes, Faculty Executive Officer.

External Scholarships and Bursaries Browser

Please remember that a number of external organisations also offer scholarship and bursary opportunities to tertiary students. These awards are promoted to students via the External Scholarships and Bursaries page; the Scholarships Office encourages all students to view the browser, especially those who may not be eligible for an internal scholarship or bursary.

Scholarship of the week!

The Mary Curran Scholarship is a new scholarship that will open in October. Students are required to discuss their interest in animals along with other selection criteria.

For more information on this fascinating scholarship, please visit the Scholarships Browser!

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