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Fees are currently in the process of:

  • Updating procedures in SharePoint
  • Creating 2015 timelines
  • Processing RE and RX forms
  • Recording 2015 instructional videos

Important Dates for Fees

22 September 2014

Spring Term B 2014 Invoices available in Student Connect

22 September 2014

Due date for International Students on an Instalment Plan for Semester 2 2014

26 September 2014

Cancellation of Enrolment for International Students who were on an instalment plan for Semester 2 2014 with an outstanding balance over $1,000

29 September 2014

Domestic Students with an outstanding balance in Semester 2 2014 will have their units removed.


Did you know?
For every refund processed Brad twerks for 20 seconds. For all you twerk/Brad lovers out there, Fees have processed 113 refunds in the last month. You do the maths! Boom!


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