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The re-enrolment period for continuing students for 2015 using Student Connect is between:
13 October - 23 November 2014.

Late Addition of Units

The Application for Late Addition of Unit/s (LAU) form has been amended to include a section for both the Lecturer-In-Charge and Course Coordinator to approve the student’s request.

30 September is the last date to submit Application for Late Addition of Unit/s (LAU) forms for Semester 2 2014.

Important Dates

Course Completions

Additions Pro formas

Both Melbourne and Sydney Graduation Programmes have now been printed for Spring 2014, therefore, any students submitted on an Additions pro formas will be processed for Autumn 2015.

Please note that the deadlines for course completion are stricter than in previous rounds.


ACC Forms
Please be advised that we have a high volume of ACC forms for the end of Semester 2 2014 which we have yet to process. If students are enquiring about these, please advise that they we intend to have these complete before the re-enrolment period.

WC Forms
We are still getting WC forms for Semester 2, 2014. Students who submit their WC after the census date with enrolment in Semester 2, 2014 will still be financially liable for their unit/s.


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