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The 2014 Semester 2 Published Timetable (2014 Timetable Online) is now available for staff and students. Any requests for changes to this timetable must be submitted via the School’s TLO and only if they meet the criteria for change outlined in Section 7 of the university’s Timetabling Policy and Procedures. HOS/DHOS approval will be required for most of these requests.

The 2014 Spring A Timetable is now available. No requests were received for Spring B.

Tutorial Direct

Tutorial Direct is open for students and they may still make changes to class allocations until 15 August. Timetable changes made from this time may result in students being removed from their allocated class. Please ensure that you take class lists so that students can be reallocated to their chosen classes after changes have been actioned.

Activity Utilisation Reports

Timetabling will provide the final Activity Utilisation Report for each School next week. This report shows the comparison between spaces provided for students and the actual enrolments in each unit being offered. The reports will be available from the TLO SharePoint page and Schools are asked to respond accordingly to the issues raised in the reports so that appropriate action can be taken. Instructions will be forwarded to each TLO in relation to responding to these reports.

Web Data Collector

Web Data Collector is now open for Stage 1 data collection. Please refer to the email sent to TLOs on Thursday 24 July for information and the necessary links to the new system. It is essential that you read the User Guide before commencing data entry as the system has a different look and the Wizard feature is also a new addition.

Important Dates

Date Activity
20 August Web Data Collector Stage 1 closes at 4pm
22 August Web Data Collector Stage 2 opens
2 September Web Data Collector Stage 2 closes at 4pm


Web Room Booker (WRB) and Ad Hoc Room Bookings

Web Room Booker is now available for 2014 bookings. Please refer to the WRB user guide Staff/Tools & Services/Room Bookings Online (How to Book a Room) for more information and advice. Assistance is available from TE&R and Campus Operations staff. WRB is available to all staff with an ACU log in.


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