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ACU Scholarships  and Bursaries

ACU Scholarship and Bursary applications opened on Monday 21 October and most will close on 31 March 2014.

Please visit the Scholarships and Bursaries Browser for information on how to apply!

At the end of November we had received 33 eligible applications.

Commonwealth Scholarships and ACU Equity Bursaries

Commonwealth Scholarships and ACU Equity Bursaries are now open for applications via UAC. Please visit the UAC website to apply. Students must submit  their ES Online application and ensure all supporting documentation is received by UAC by Friday, 3 January 2014.

Please note that ACU will only be participating in the main round offers in 2014.We are currently working with the Admissions  Team to verify the applicants who have applied via VTAC and QTAC.

Faculty of Law Scholarship and Bursaries

The  Faculty of Law will be offering the following Scholarship and Bursaries for students commencing a Faculty of Law course in 2014:

With the support of admissions all QTAC and VTAC  applicants who have an ACU Law Course listed as preference have received an  email informing them of the scholarships and bursaries on offer, we hope that  this information will generate more applications in the coming week.

Please  note that the Faculty of Law - Executive Dean's  Academic Scholarship will close on 13 December 2013.  The Bursaries close in March 2014.

Bob and Margaret Frater Scholarship

In the main round offers of 2013 Dr  Frater and Mrs Frater participated in the Selection Process to award the Bob and Margaret Frater Travel Scholarship.  This opportunity valued at up to $10,000 is  open to current students and alumni who are working in the teaching  profession in a New South Wales or Australian Capital Territory Diocesan  Catholic primary school.

Please see an article on the ACU website featuring Daniel Colquhoun, the  2013 scholarship recipient; Daniel is a kindergarten teacher in Penhurst.

Mary MacKillop Foundation Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Tertiary  Education Scholarship

The ACU Foundation has been working  closely with the Mary MacKillop Foundation and CIER to promote the Mary  MacKillop Foundation Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Tertiary Education  Scholarship.  This Scholarship offers  multiple awards to students across all Australian Tertiary Institutions and  covers 100% of tuition fees, whilst providing recipients with a living  allowance.

This scholarship is only available to  enrolled students who have successfully completed their first year of study.  Application forms can be downloaded and submitted through the foundations website.  

Information Session for CIER

On Thursday 28 November the  Scholarships Office ran an information session for CIER units across all  campuses.  This session aimed to provide  staff with the tools and knowledge to promote scholarships and bursaries to  their students and assist them through the application process.

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