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655 deferred examinations are being  scheduled for Semester 2 2013.

The   deferred examinations will be held the week of16 to 20 December.

Lecturers  in Charge of a unit must be contactable during the entire duration of the  scheduled deferred examination.

The  deferred examination timetables will be published on Friday 6 December.
  Staff  members are able to view any student’s personal examination timetable via the  useful link on the Examination Information for Staff  page.  The student’s identification  number will be required.

A student who, through  illness or other exceptional cause beyond the candidate's control, fails to  attend a deferred examination may apply for alternative assessment.  The application should normally be lodged  directly with the Course Coordinator no more than five working days after the  day of the original deferred examination.  Approval will only be granted in exceptional  cases and should not be assumed to be automatic.

All Important dates regarding examinations are shown on the Examination Information for Staff page.


Academic staff members should only be entering  grades as shown in Academic Regulations 7 Assessment Table 1 – Academic Grading Descriptors.  Administrative grades should only be used by  Student Administration.

Semester  2 Results Dates:
      10 December

Last day to add/change results prior to grade roll

11 December

Grades roll

12 December

Results released to students

Results  should only be left blank if there is outstanding work which hasn’t yet been  assessed (eg where the student has handed in work, but assessment hasn’t been  completed or where the student has approval to hand something in late).  Blank grades roll to a Fail (NN) after 12  months.

Important dates regarding the term codes, due date  and release dates are shown on the Results – Staff page.

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