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Direct Applications – Semester 1, 2014

To date we have received the following number of applications:

  • Direct applications = 3862
  • Direct offers made = 656
  • TAC offers made = 758
  • Conditional offers = 150
  • Commencing after deferments = 400
  • Cohort offers = 160

TAC offers issued this week

VTAC UG Early Round – 1015 – non-school leaver applicants only – released 2pm, Friday 22 November

EAP statistics as at 20 November

  • Applications Received – 1400
  • Unverified – 46
  • Complete – 1354
  • Applications received NOT required academic assessment – 990
  • Applications received requiring academic assessment – 364

Early Achievers’ Program

Successful, unsuccessful and lapsed application decision codes have been entered for all (EN and ES) Victorian Year 12 school leaver EAP applicants. These applicants received their emails Friday 22 November.

To date the following emails have been sent:

  • 451 – successful offers
  • 259 – unsuccessful offers
  • 20 – lapsed applications

We can no longer accept references verifying community experience or results/grades documentation.
Any email communication should be via the EAP generic email address eap.admin@acu.edu.au.

Adelaide Campus Courses

Advice has been received from the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy that any prospective students, who have previously been studying at the Catholic Theological College in Adelaide, or making enquiries about undertaking a course through the new Adelaide campus, should be advised that they will need to apply for the relevant course to ACU directly and as follows:

It is critical that the student is directed to the appropriate Course Coordinator/Course Advisor:

  • Master of Theological Studies (Faculty of Theology and Philosophy program) - Dr. Gemma Cruz
  • Master of Religious Education (Faculty of Education program) - Dr. Jan Grajczonek
  • Master of Ed Leadership (Faculty of Education program) - Ms. Mariette Le Roux

Each student will have to talk over the question of potential credit with this advisor.
MRE and MEdL already have a credit arrangement in place for CTC (Flinders) units.

2014 TAC Offer Rounds


28 November 2013

12 December 2013

16 January 2014 – Major Round

6 February 2014

Weekly COTA offer rounds until start of classes

UAC – Undergraduate

14 November 2013

5 December 2013

3 January 2014

16 January 2014 – Main Round

30 January 2014

6 February 2014

12 February 2014

19 February 2014

UAC – Postgraduate

Weekly commencing early October

VTAC - Undergraduate

22 November 2013 – Early Round

17 January 2014 – Round 1

6 February 2014 – Round 2

Weekly Supplementary offer rounds until start of classes

VTAC – Graduate Entry Teaching

13 January 2014 – Round 1

22 January 2014 – Round 2

Weekly Supplementary offer rounds until start of classes


CD’s (Commencement from Deferment)

Admissions are still receiving CD forms (Commencing after Deferment) and are processing them as they are received. CD forms for commencing studies in semester 1 2014 close on 30 November 2013.

Guaranteed Entry for ACUcom Diploma of Nursing Students

ACUCom students who successfully complete the Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled/Division 2 Nursing) who want to continue their studies in the Bachelor of Nursing at ACU should be advised they have guaranteed entry to the Bachelor of Nursing as a consequence of an agreement between ACUCom and ACU. These students will automatically be given a year’s credit and will commence in Year 2 of the Nursing program.

To apply, these students should be advised to lodge an application in the normal way through VTAC for the specific Bachelor of Nursing (for Enrolled Nurse – Diploma of Nursing Entry), VTAC Course Code: 1200210091 (Melbourne campus) or 1200110091 (Ballarat campus). They are guaranteed to receive an offer in this course for 2014 if the course is listed as their highest eligible preference at the time of the offer round.

Reminder – Re: Admissions Weekly Team Meetings

Please note that Admissions hold their weekly Team Meeting 10.30-11.30am each Tuesday morning (Qld time). Anyone trying to contact us during this time will need to leave a message and we will reply as soon as possible in due course.

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