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DEEWR Reporting

The 2013.1.3 Student Enrolment file has been submitted to DEEWR on 01/10/2013;
The 2013.1.3 Student Load Liability file has been submitted to DEEWR on 01/10/2013;
The 2013.2.1 HELP Due file has been submitted to DEEWR on 01/10/2013;
The Enrolment Revisions 009 file has been submitted to DEEWR on 01/10/2013;
The Student Revisions 040 file has been submitted to DEEWR on 01/10/2013;
The Campus Deletion 006 file has been submitted to DEEWR on 01/10/2013;
The 2014.1.2 Course file has been submitted to DEEWR on 01/10/2013;
The 2014.1.3 Campus file has been submitted to DEEWR on 02/10/2013.

Time Ticket Allocation - 2014 re-enrolment period

The G1 and M1 time tickets have been allocated, to enable continuing students to register in 2014 units via Student Connect, from 14 October to 24 November. The G1 time ticket was applied to 201405, 201415, 201430, 201435, 201445, 201460, 201465 and 201475 terms, and was allocated to 24,818 students. The M1 time ticket for the MBA Executive program was applied to the 201407, 201412, 201447, 201455, 201470 and 201497 terms, and was allocated to 90 students. Continuing Research students were excluded from this process, as the 2014 Research unit enrolments will be processed manually by Research staff.

Please note that the following programs were excluded from the time ticket allocation, and students enrolled in these programs will not have the capacity to enrol into 2014 units: DIPBIS, DIPBUS, DIPCOM, DIPEDS, DIPENV, DIPEXS, DIPINF, DIPLIB, DIPNPR, DIPNUR, DIPSLC, DIPTHL, DIPVAD, DIPTLE, DIPTPN, DIPYWK, DIPYMN, ADIPNU, VETNUR, ABROAD, STEPUP, EDRECT, GCELOU, MOHOU, GDOHOU, GCOHOU, GCTBWO, GCTALO, and all Non Award and Cross Institutional programs.

2014 Unit Data (FEO Advice)

The 31 August due date for submission of unit offering data for 2014 has now passed and Systems have commenced work on the DEEWR unit file (first half year of 2014), which is due in late September. Any late additions or amendments to the 2014 unit offering data can still be submitted via the request files in SharePoint (see below for approval conditions). Please use the ‘Unit Changes after 7 July’ tab for this purpose and send an email to Systems, advising of any change made to the unit data in SharePoint.

Please note that any further amendments to 2014 unit offering data will require the approval of the Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching). The only exclusion to this requirement is changes to unit quotas, which do not involve zero quotas. Any request, to change a unit quota from or to zero, will still require Associate Dean authorisation.

Student SystemsTraining

Training on Banner, Student Connect and SARS will run throughout August, please visit the Banner and Student Systems Training web page for session details, dates and times. All module content/training guides will be made available to attendees after each session via the Student Systems Training SharePoint site.

If you are interested in attending a session, or would like more information on the training available, please contact us at systems@acu.edu.au.

To register for training please do so online via your Staff Connect account
When registering please select the ‘Book me on Course’ button, then indicate in the Comments section the date that you are registering for.

Additional Information

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