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The examination timetables were published on Monday 23 September. Staff members are able to view any student’s personal examination timetable via the useful link on the Examination Information for Staff page. The student’s identification number will be required.

Students with education inclusion plans requiring examination adjustments have been scheduled. The Guidelines for Head of Schools and Lecturers on Disability Examination Adjustments are available online.

Lecturers in Charge of units with central examinations should be familiar with the Examination Procedures for Academic Staff.

Students who meet the criteria may submit an Application for Deferred Examination.

All Important dates regarding examinations are shown on the Examination Information for Staff page.


Results should only be left blank if there is outstanding work which hasn’t yet been assessed eg where the student has handed in work, but assessment hasn’t been completed or where the student has approval to hand something in late. Blank grades roll to a Fail (NN) after 12 months.

Important dates regarding the term codes, due date and release dates are shown on the Results – Staff page.


All emails regarding timetabling to timetabling@acu.edu.au
All emails regarding exams to examinations@acu.edu.au
All emails regarding results to studentresults@acu.edu.au

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