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2014 Re-enrolment Period

Re-enrolment for the 2014 Academic Year for continuing students will run between 14 October - 24 November 2013. Visit 2014 Re-enrolment Period for further information.

Important Dates


EF&S can no longer accept Application to Course Complete (ACC) forms for students wishing to graduate at the Spring 2013 ceremonies.

If students are identified as meeting course requirements, the Course Coordinator will need to submit their details on an Additions pro forma to course.completion@acu.edu.au as a matter of urgency.

Spring course completions

Every pro forma returned by 2 September 2013 has been processed and Academic Transcripts have been sent.

As of 2 September 2013 -

  • 1117 students have been course/program completed for Spring 2013 graduation.

On 26 August 2013, EF&S identified all students who have applied to course complete but were not assessed as course complete by their Course Coordinator. These students had their status amended to ‘NG’ - Not Eligible to Graduate and were posted a ‘not eligible to graduate’ letter advising them to contact their Course Coordinator urgently if they have any queries.

Spring Graduation Ceremony Dates




Melbourne Graduation

Monday 30 September

Arts and Sciences; Business; Education; Theology and Philosophy

Tuesday 1 October

Health Sciences

Sydney Graduation

Monday 14 October

Arts and Sciences; Health Sciences; Theology and Philosophy

Monday 14 October

Business; Education

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