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Commonwealth Scholarships and ACU Equity Bursaries

Commonwealth Scholarships and ACU Equity Bursaries are now open for applications via UAC. Please visit the UAC website to apply. Students must submit their ES Online application and ensure all supporting documentation is received by UAC by Friday, 3 January 2014.

Please note that ACU will only be participating in the main round offers in 2014.

International Student Scholarship (ISS)

The ISS opened on Sunday 1 September and will close on 30 September 2013. We have already received a high number of applications. To find out more about the ISS please visit the ISS Scholarship Rules.

ACU Scholarships and Bursaries

This week the Scholarships Office will finalise ongoing eligibility assessments for Semester 2, 2013. It is anticipated that all students will receive their payments by the end of September.

This round of offers Scholarships offered ineligible and unsuccessful students the chance to seek feedback on their applications. We have had a number of requests from students who endeavour to improve their application for the main round of offers in 2014.

Faculty of Law Scholarship and Bursaries

The Faculty of Law will be offering the following Scholarship and Bursaries for students commencing a Faculty of Law course in 2014:

Please note that the Faculty of Law - Executive Dean's Academic Scholarship will close on 13 December 2013. The Bursaries close in March 2014.

Key Dates for 2014 Scholarship Applications

Scholarship Type

Opening Date

ACU Scholarships and Bursaries

Most will open 21 October 2013

Commonwealth Scholarships and ACU Equity Bursaries

Now Open

International Student Scholarship

Now Open

Faculty of Law Scholarships

Now Open


Please visit the Scholarships and Bursaries Browser for information on how to apply!

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